Why Angry People Hurt Themselves More Than They Realize

If you needlessly lose your temper, you’re hurting yourself as well as other people. Anger is a complex emotion, and it can be tough to talk yourself down from. It can be even more challenging for other people to tackle, especially if they tell you to “just calm down” when you’re not feeling calm at all… 

Whether in the workplace or the home, if you are angry, you may be hurting yourself more than you realize, as we explain in this article. But it’s important to remember that the effects of anger have a much more significant impact than the immediate feelings in the aftermath. If you cannot control your anger, there will be several different effects you may not have anticipated. 

It Impacts Your Opportunities In The Workplace

Let’s start with the professional consequences that your anger may have. It may be more common than you realize in the workplace. But if you have shown yourself to be an angry person in the workplace, people will not forget this. Your coworkers and bosses will consider you someone who cannot manage their emotions in challenging situations, and they may exclude you from promotion discussions or pay increases. You’ll find yourself on the outside looking in, to situations where you can prove yourself. In the worst-case scenario, you could lose your job if you cannot bring your anger under control. Don’t let your temper get the better of you.

It Can Stop You From Listening And Being Heard

One of the most important skills anyone can acquire is listening. Good communication skills are not always easy to develop, and there are many complex layers, but something simple is that anger has no part in them. When you get angry, you stop hearing what other people tell you, and you become the focal point. People will also stop expecting you to understand if you consistently get angry. You may also find that people stop telling you anything important if they do not trust how you will react. This is not only true in the workplace but in your personal life too. 

It Can Impact Your Physical Health 

While there are many external consequences to poor management of anger, it is crucial to note that there are plenty of internal implications too. If you are getting seriously angry regularly, it will impact your health. It does not matter whether you are exploding into fits of rage or bottling it up internally; it will put you at greater risk of several serious health issues. For example, if you already suffer from a heart issue, being angry is an additional risk you don’t need. It can also put you at risk of a stroke if you consistently operate at a very high stress level. If you are worried about your anger’s impact on your life, then you should consider taking an anger management course. This will help you understand where these feelings are coming from and how to manage them more effectively. An example is the ZandaX anger management class which has been delivered worldwide since 2015, and can help you deal with your anger and that in other people. If you visit their website, you’ll learn more about how their classes and tools can help you.

It Can Impact Your Mental Health

Anger is an extreme emotion that can be tough to control. But it can also signify that you are struggling with other mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression. When it comes to anxiety, it can feel like you are in an unbearable situation you need to escape from, and nobody else understands. Depression and anger can be linked as you can stew on something that has upset you until it becomes something explosive that cannot be contained. Anger can often be a symptom of an issue and can also worsen those issues. Over the past few years, there’s been much more positive discussion about mental health and how we can all look after ourselves better.

It Will Make You Struggle With Your Schedule

When you are angry or stressed, the issue that caused the situation will be all you can focus on. That means that the other essentials you need to keep on top of will start to suffer. There are many examples, but one of the simplest may be your time management. This is important if you work in an office or run your own business, as there will be so many different tasks that you are responsible for. Anger can cloud everything else; before you know it, you will run behind.