Why AdvancedMD is a Highly-Rated Billing Software?

Don’t let the lack of resources hold you back from availing the chance of modernizing your billing system. There’s no need to look for pricey solutions. It’s nothing but hype; even low-cost solutions can provide premium quality services. You can also outsource your billing tasks to AdvancedMD EMR software, the user’s first choice for handling bills with care. The software also features in-house billing services.

In case you are new to the EMR market, we’ll walk you through the basic introduction of AdvancedMD EMR before heading to its billing module. 

AdvancedMD EMR Software 

AdvancedMD has been around since 1999 and is serving over 850 medical billing companies and 40000 physicians globally. It is a privately held EHR and practice management solution aimed at simplifying clinical operations. AdvancedMD offers a set of intuitive functionalities for handling administrative tasks like billing. In addition, this feature-rich software continuously strives to boost clinical growth by focusing intensely on the demands of healthcare providers.  

There is an interesting story behind this EMR solution. It is named AdvancedMD because it incorporates IT-driven functionalities to tackle clinical intricacies. Advanced services of this technology-intensive solution revolutionize medical practices. This unique approach of AdvancedMD EMR software enables it to embrace an extensive footprint nationwide. Users take it as a solution they can rely on for handling all critical clinical decisions and billing tasks. 

How Billing Cycle Of AdvancedMD EMR Works? 

The billing module of this vendor emphasizes boosting clinical efficiency. It works to ensure all medical practices earn great profit to make up for their investment. This top-rated EMR solution offers an integrated billing module, which means all bills and invoices will be filled up automatically. 

About how it works, AdvancedMD EMR offers a feature-rich revenue management solution. The billing experts of the vendor work keenly to drive potential outcomes. They aim to speed up the billing cycle from filling in information to bills to sharing bills on the patient portals. You will be able to see the entire billing process through screens. No step will be kept hidden. 

Apart from that, this industry-leading solution even makes it easier for staff to handle in-house billing processes. Your team will be given complete freedom to customize the revenue cycle to make it fit your requirements. This convenience will boost clinical productivity and staff effectiveness, and you will surely get a chance to generate more revenue. 

Features Of AdvancedMD Billing Software

The features of this medical billing software are unmatchable. It offers intuitive tools for handling the financial process in-and-out leaving no room for errors. In addition, its industry-leading billing functionalities remove the need for flipping back and forth to complete the billing procedures. So, here’s the extensive list of AdvancedMD billing features:

Centralized Billing:

It features centralized medical billing procedures coupled with a powerhouse performance. You can manage bills for each patient from a single database by a single login. You don’t have to log in separately to handle the bills. The software offers a coding facility too included in its comprehensive medical billing suite. 

Clearing House:

AdvancedMD EMR supports a personalized clearinghouse to handle all financial bottlenecks. It helps process claims faster with accuracy by cross-checking patient information and codes. It also runs on-the-spot checks for verifying insurance eligibility. Its ERA processing tool efficiently manages unexpected payment accounts. 

Claim Inspector:

This unique feature is explicitly associated with AdvancedMD software. ClaimInspector is an innovative claims scrubbing system that works in compliance with HIPAA rules to scrub off squeaky claims. It works by identifying rejection errors before claim submission, thus improving the chance of maximizing clinical reimbursements. 

A/R Control Centers:

Get great control over clinical profitability with AdvancedMD EMR. Make well-structured decisions y having customized worklists on your fingertips to balance due payments. Use the history tracking tool to see how you previously handled outstanding balance to apply a more impactful process. This procedure results in improved clinical cash flow. 


This feature is introduced explicitly for individual practices. It turns down the need for paper EOBs and claims. Using it, you can send and receive claims from a centralized platform. It automatically creates actionable work lists and posts payments on the list. AdvancedMD billing team helps set up this payer exchanger with no hassle. 

Benefits Of AdvancedMD Billing Services

There are unlimited benefits of implementing this solid medical billing software. Its services are not limited to the billing procedures but extend to practice management and EHR modules too. It is a state-of-the-art solution that streamlines every clinical aspect. Not only does it perform eligibility checks, but it also handles claims management and offers innovative scheduling tools. 

In addition to managing the financial aspect, the software performs detailed analysis too by creating dynamic performance reports. It helps track down the anomalies in the financial aspect and helps identify financial health with its real-time data insights. This will eventually help you uncover your hidden growth opportunities. 

Price Of AdvancedMD Billing Software

Here comes the interesting part. This intuitive vendor won’t force you to purchase the standard pricing plans. It features the opportunity of creating customized budget plans. You can include all the services you need to deliver to-the-point care services. It offers two-tier pricing models. You can choose whether you want subscription-based packages or encounter-based ones. 

The standalone PM package costs $429 per month, and the fully integrated packages cost $729 per provider. However, if you exclusively opt for medical billing support, AdvancedMD software charges 4% to 8% of monthly practice collections. The price AdvancedMD charges is nothing compared to the extensive services it offers for its scalable services. 

Should You Avail the Billing Services of AdvancedMD?

AdvancedMD EMR is indeed the key to accelerating financial growth. With this arrangement, there is no returning. Once you implement this software, it will set you up on the path of continuous growth. No other vendor turns painstaking bills and claims processing into an interesting process like this one does with its robust clearinghouse. 

Even the reviews of AdvancedMD illustrate how you leverage the billing services to boost your clinical effectiveness as it comes with an exclusive billing module. There’s no reason you shouldn’t invest in this top-notch billing software. All you need to do is make a one-time investment then just sit back and relax.