Who Is Maxim s Sister In Free Fire – Find The Answers Here!

The present Free Fire fourth commemoration test occasion is ‘Who is Maxim’s Sister?’ Here, in this article, we will see the solution to the present test question.

Free Fire fourth commemoration has gotten a few new beauty care products and occasions to the game. The party has initiated on August 20 and will go satisfy the main seven day stretch of September. The pinnacle day of the festivals is booked to occur on August 28. Players will get a Free Thiva character on the pinnacle day festivities as a login reward. The test occasion is straightforward and the most effortless occasion to finish and acquire rewards that were set up in the occasion.

Allow us to see the present test question and the right response to the inquiry.

Free Fire fourth commemoration test addresses for day by day questions

The subject of the Free Fire’s fourth commemoration test occasion for August 27 has been delivered and the inquiry peruses:

“Who is Maxim’s Sister

The choices to pick an answer are as per the following:

1) Caroline

2) Xayne

3) Misha

4) Kelly

The right response to the inquiry is – ‘3) Misha’

The prizes of the fourth commemoration test occasion incorporate the accompanying things:

Gold Royale Voucher – profited after 1 right answers

Wild partier Weapon Loot Box3 – benefited after 2 right answers

Pet Foodx3 – benefited after 3 right answers

Ruby Neon Parachute – benefited after 4 right answers

fourth Anniversary Pin – profited after 5 right answers

The test closes on August 29, so players can get the parachute skin and different rewards just by offering 5 right responses.

On the off chance that players have offered an off-base response to the inquiry, they can acquire answer decisions so they can respond to the inquiry effectively and get rewards.

To get possibilities, players need to tap on ‘Find Solution possibility’ and they will be shown the accompanying choices:

Play 1 game with companions – profits 1 answer possibility

Play 3 games-profits 1 answer possibility

Play 5 games-benefits 1 answer possibilities

How to take an interest in the Free Fire fourth commemoration test occasion?

Open Garena Free Fire application on your gadgets and afterward head to the Calendar segment by tapping a similar symbol present on the right half of the screen.

Presently, click on the fourth Anniversary tab to continue. A bunch of occasions will be shown.

Tap on the Anniversary Quiz out of all subsections present on the page.


on “Go To” and the players will be diverted to the Quiz Page.

Players can choose their answer and snap on the Submit button underneath to partake.

In the event that the Answer isn’t right, the players can tap on the “Find Solution Chance” choice to get another attempt.

After gathering enough focuses, players can recover the prize on the right half of the Quiz Page.