Davinci IQC is for those who want to have complete control over their steaming sessions. There are many features that make it perfect for experiencing and enjoying different taste experiences, e.g. For example, Its zirconia flavor room, different heating modes and a wide range of temperatures. The correct mode also allows everyone to explore all temperatures without any problems!

Vapor path closed by glass / zirconia

DaVinci’s latest innovation is a closed airway with only the best zircons and glasses. This means that no metal or plastic comes in contact with your steam, giving you a clean experience in any draw!

Unique taste

The DaVinci oven is not like any other. The DaVinci IQC Vaporizer glass-coated oven has a temperature control system with an accuracy of 1 degree and offers precise adjustment for final degree control and intelligent way mode, providing an easy-to-use way. but unique to experiment with taste. with

Powerful and portable battery

The DaVinci IQC comes with a rechargeable 18650, 3000 mAh battery that can deliver up to 2 hours of operating time. This makes it a perfect companion for days out or long walks without access to electrical outlets.

The battery can also be replaced, so to get an extra boost of power, you need to bring some extras with you – you never know when they will come in handy!

You can use the up and down buttons to see how much battery charge your evaporator has left. It will also shake when there is only 10% left.

Water pipe suitability.

IQC comes with a water pipe adapter that can be connected to any 10 mm water pipe for an even smoother and cleaner steam experience. Allow the steam to move through a water pipe, then another layer of filtration and capture the impurities before they reach you.

3 ways to control the temperature

Smart road mode

With Smart Path mode on your DaVinci IQC, you can experience four different settings that will gradually increase the temperature. The first setting is called “Flavor” and starts at 176 ° C and ends at 188 ° C after 8 minutes.

There are three other states: mind, body and rest, each starting at a different temperature but ending up warming up to 11 degrees when it ends.

The correct way

This mode allows you to control the temperature on a single scale. To enter the accuracy mode, click once on the on / off button, which shows the current temperature, and quickly adjust it with the up and down arrows to select your favorite temperature.

Growth mode

By pressing the red on / off button during your session, you can increase it to 210 ° C. Hold for as long as you want and press one of the arrows when you are done to return your IQC evaporator back from Boost mode to predestined

USB-C charging

Charge your evaporator in just 2 hours with USB-C charging. Plus, if you are on the go and need to turn on your phone, its reverse charging capability is perfect for that occasion!

Application capacity

The latest innovation of DaVinci is a web-based application for iOS and Android operating systems that expands its capabilities not only on computers, but also on tablets, smartphones and desktops.

With the app, you can create custom smart routes that let you simplify your DaVinci IQC sessions by creating, naming, and maintaining automatic temperature settings.

What is the difference between DaVinci IQC and IQ2?

IQ2 and IQC are very similar evaporators. The biggest differences are that IQC has USB-C charging as well as a soft material spokes with the taste chamber lid and water tube adapter. However, it lacks the dosing tracking software and AirDial technology that the DaVinci IQ2 has.


All DaVinci IQC evaporators sold by MagicVaporizers, a DaVinci authorized dealer, are fully authentic and covered by a 5-year warranty on the equipment when registered and a 1-year battery warranty.