The aesthetic importance of your teeth cannot be overstated. They contribute to the definition of your facial structure and serve as the cornerstone of your smile. Experience the latest in dental expertise combined with personalized, attentive interpersonal communication at Cutting Edge Dental. Prefer the experienced dentist for the best Veneers London.  Therefore, when your teeth are in less than ideal condition, their state affects far more than your ability to eat.

If you desire an enhanced smile and want to gain more confidence, there is a solution. It lies in the field of dental health, known as cosmetic dentistry.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dental health that specialises in improving the appearance of the gums, teeth and bite. It is also known as aesthetic dentistry.

This field of dental health has seen its popularity grow and expand over time. While it was once a mainstay for the rich and the celebrities alone, now more and more ‘regular’ people are turning to cosmetic dentistry for help fixing their teeth, gums and bite.

There are a few reasons why this practice is now more acceptable and highly sought-after. The answer lies in the benefits of cosmetic dentistry and treatments. They are:

  • Enhancing your appearance- no matter the procedure you undergo, you will have a better smile which can improve your appearance and potentially make you look younger and healthier.
  • Boosting your self-confidence levels- with a better appearance, you are also likely to experience a boost in self-confidence.
  • Help in preventing new and further damage.
  • Enhancing your career prospects- with better teeth comes a better smile, which will likely make you a more desirable employment candidate in the recruiters’ eyes.
  • Its effects are long-lasting- with proper care and maintenance, you can expect to enjoy the outcomes and benefits of cosmetic dentistry long after the initial procedure.
  • Shorter recovery periods- recovering from a cosmetic dentistry procedure does not take as long as other types. Additionally, patients also report having less pain during this period.
  • Reasonable prices- while they are by no means cheap, technological advances and their increasing popularity facilitate ever-decreasing prices of cosmetic dental procedures. Moreover, more dental insurance companies are willing to cover these costs. So you only need to do some research to find the right policy.

What Treatments Are Available?

There are various cosmetic dental treatments available if you want to correct some of your flaws. They include:

Chipped/ broken tooth repair

While they may seem indestructible, your teeth are vulnerable to breakage. All it takes is a forceful impact to damage your teeth permanently. Furthermore, if the break exposes the nerves, it may lead to tooth decay and pain. So it is crucial to seek repair. The dentist is likely to use crowns or veneers as corrective devices.

Replacing missing teeth

The most likely corrective measure for missing teeth is dental implants. These are replicas of the tooth which the dentist installs in the space to restore your oral health.

Cleaning discoloured teeth

The food you consume may lead to your having stained teeth- and the embarrassment to match-. The solution, in this case, lies in tooth whitening or dental bleaching to restore the ideal white appearance.

Large gums

If you feel like the size of your gums affects your smile, you can ask your dentist about procedures they can use to reduce it.

Cosmetic dentistry serves both a functional and aesthetic purpose. So, schedule a visit to your dentist to consult on which procedure best suits you.