Do you think about the safety of your premises? If yes, Electrical switchboards perform very important safety functions for you and act as an integral part of the power distribution on your premises. If you overlook and neglect them, then these costly mistakes lead to the need to make upgrades to your premises and your appliances. Do you want to know every little detail about your electrical switchboard? If so, keep reading this blog:-

An electrical switchboard: What is it, or Are they different from one another?

An electrical switchboard is a centralized control hub in your premises that helps you direct the electrical current around your house. Also, it ensures you the flow of electricity goes where or when it’s needed. Moreover, you need to know about your switchboard validation as it redirects electricity from the main supply to a particular area of your premises. This way, you become able to turn on a light and your dishwasher.

Do you think that all switchboards are the same? If so, you are wrong. As the buildings differ from one another, similarly switchboards are. A few switchboards contain a meter for your premises while others don’t. There is a possibility that some switchboards can be older or others are modern electronic meters. Last but not least, a few electrical switchboards have fuses, but on the other hand, others have circuit breakers. This way, it can be said that various kinds of technologies are used on a switchboard.

Meter boxes and electrical switchboards: Are both the same?

A meter box means where your energy supplier reads an electricity consumption on your premises. On the other hand, an electrical switchboard performs the task of looking after all the electrical circuits using electricity. There are a few changes that your meter box can be on your electrical switchboard, but not always. For example, for all your premises in the subdivision, subdivisions often have a common metering point and switchboard.

Your electrical switchboard: What does it do?

An electrical switchboard is the electrical heart of your home. Your switchboard consists of various circuits, circuit breakers, and many fuses that enable it to carry electricity where needed, including the lights, power points, heating, cooling, cooking, hot water, etc. Out of all these things, a few things need to run on an individual circuit, namely air conditioners and hot water. But in case any one of these circuits you turn off, then there will be no electricity in your premises.

Moreover, in case of any fault occurring in your circuit, then in such circumstances, there is an RCD safety switch that shuts down the circuit or protects your asset. But remember, it depends on how the electrician sets it up.

A switchboard: What maintenance does it need?

Do you want to know that your switchboard needs to be examined? If so, look for an electrician having various tools to test plus an RCD switch for the safety of all the people in the building. An electrician ensures you that your switchboard is free from pests or rodents. This way, you can save your all-important electricity safety equipment used by the switchboard from pests. Besides it, the electrician will become aware of the asbestos that your switchboard contains and alert you about the need to install or upgrade it and not undertake DIY work on your electrical switchboard. When looking to purchase or upgrade electrical control panels, it is recommended to choose companies that specialize in designing and manufacturing them such as Electrical Control Systems Canada to ensure the best quality.

Your Electrical switchboard: Is it outdated or needs to be upgraded?

Safety is one of the biggest reasons for the need to upgrade your switchboard. Various safety hazards, namely electrical overload or constant tripping, occur if your switchboard is not in the appropriate size or too old. An old switchboard does not have safety switches, and it doesn’t work. This way, you need to upgrade such outdated switchboards.

Hopefully, this blog will let you know everything about an electrical switchboard.