Which is the Perfect LED TV for Your Bedroom?

The emergence of LED TVs has changed the television experience considerably. It brought vivid colours, better sounds quality, and in current times a host of connected features. Resultantly, the demand for the same has increased significantly.

It is tough to make an outright claim about which TV is best for a bedroom. Instead, you can choose one depending on that room’s dimensions, and one that will fit its aesthetics.

On the other hand, your choice is almost endless in terms of brands, starting from LG LED TVs to Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, etc.

Top 6 TV set ideal for bedroom

  1. LG 32LK558BPTF

Price: Around Rs.27,000

Details: One of the popular LG LED TVs, this model comprises an excellent balance between good picture quality and brilliant audio experience. Equipped with an IPS panel and wide viewing angle, this television set offers a commendable visual experience.

However, probably the biggest highlight of this product is its audio quality. Fitted with a 3.1 channel speaker system with 35 watts woofer, you can expect crystal clear sound. This experience further enhances the presence of Dolby digital plus with DTS support.

Other notable features include live zoom feature, where you can zoom into a frame without pausing a video. Also, there are some built-in games.

  1. Sony W61

Price: Around Rs.26,000

Details: A perfect companion for your bedroom experience, this product also carries the brand’s reputation for producing best-in-class televisions. In terms of display quality, it has Sony’s X-reality pro, Live colour, and Motionflow technology that works in tandem to produce excellent colours, and an engaging TV-viewing experience.

In terms of audio, you get two 10 watts, speakers, with Dolby Audio and Digital surround sound. Furthermore, it also gets connectivity features like Wi-Fi to stream various shows and connect internet.

  1. Samsung 32T4750

Price: Around Rs.25,000

Details: No list of top television sets is complete without mentioning a product from Samsung. It is one of the best smart TVs in the market currently. Along with Samsung’s legendary v-display quality, this TV boasts a 4-channel 40 watts sound system with Dolby Digital Plus, resulting in an immersive audio experience. To enhance this experience further, you can turn this TV into a virtual music system with its new graphics.

In terms of connectivity features, it comes with voice assistance, Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth and a host of other features.

  1. Panasonic TH-43G100DX

Price: Around Rs.30,000

Details: This product from Panasonic is famous for its sharps contrast, and brilliant display quality. It is possible due to two technologies, i.e. Vivid Digital Pro, and Dot Noise Reduction. Along with these, the 16 watts audio output paired with V-audio surround sound further enhance the viewer experience.

  1. LG 43LK5360PTA

Price: Around Rs.40,000

Details: Another LG LED TV on this list offering a wide viewing angle with a high resolution 1920X1080 display. Moreover, the usage of IPS panels further improves the image quality. It also comes with a two-channel Dolby Digital 20 watts sound system with clear sound technology for a better audio experience.

  1. MI TV 4A

Price: Around Rs.20,000

Details: A smart TV in its true sense, this product from Xiaomi offers a host of connected features such as Android TV Google Assistant, access to OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime video, etc.

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Whether you are buying an LG LED TV, or any other brand, it is imperative to perform a thorough comparison to find the best possible product. While shopping for a TV for the bedroom, keep in mind its size, and styling to find the best possible product.