Which Is The Best WordPress Push Notifications Plugin for an e-commerce website?


All e-commerce website owners want to build a fanbase that comes regularly to read content, interact with their website, and purchase products. 

To motivate visitors to return to your e-commerce website, there are myriad ways such as creating an email campaign, creating high-quality content, maintaining a high presence on social media, and running promotions.

However, there has recently been an increase in the use of WordPress push notification plugins to communicate with audiences.

This blog will outline what push notifications are, which are the finest WordPress push notification plugins and which are the best of them.

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What Are Push Notifications

Push notifications enable you to engage and retain users after they leave your e-commerce website. You can send targeted personalized WordPress push notifications to users and bring them back to your website. And this could be blog notifications, product announcements, abandoned cart reminders, etc.

Push notifications are timed, concise, and clickable messages that are directly sent to the user’s web browser. These notifications have a much higher user engagement rate than emails and SMS messages.

Now take a look at some of the WordPress Push Notifications Plugins for an e-commerce website.

Some WordPress Push Notifications Plugins

1. Webpushr

Webpushr is a simple WordPress push notification plugin that supports all popular browsers. You can send notifications to the user’s browser by using this plugin even if they are not on your website.

Some of its features are sending abandoned cart reminders to visitors, adding emojis and images in the notifications to make them clickable and engaging, and making it easy to transfer subscribers from another platform.

On top of it, Webpushr provides you features on all plans and it is a free-to-use plugin.

2. SendPulse Web Push

SendPulse Web Push is a Woocommerce push notifications plugin that allows you to add push notifications as a marketing channel for e-commerce websites. And this plugin is free of cost.

You can send notifications on all popular browsers. Even if a user is not using your e-commerce website, they will get your messages and see the current news about sales, their order status, and other events when they visit again.

Not only this, but you can avail the benefit of personalization and segmentation to send target push notifications based on different variables such as subscription date, region, browser language, etc.

3. WonderPush

Another best option for your e-commerce website is WonderPush WordPress Plugin. By using this, you are enabled to send too many notifications to the users.

The in-built features make this Woocommerce push notifications plugin special. With WonderPush, you can recover abandoned carts by sending a push to remind subscribers that they left something awesome in their carts.

Want to reach out to a particular demographic?

With WonderPush, you can send push notifications to particular subscribers based on tags, location, and events.

4. Beamer

Beamer is used to send announcements for necessary news, offers, and new products. By using it, you retain 10x customers and website traffic.

Some of its features are- you can collect users’ reactions and feedback on your notification that help you improve your messages, and you can send target groups based on interest and location.

5. PushEngage

PushEngage WordPress Plugin helps you to retain users by sending browser notifications. It provides 7 types of subscription opt-ins that you can customize according to your messages.

You can send new blog post announcements, abandoned cart reminders, new product announcements, price drop alerts, and much more.

And retaining users to opt-in to your push notifications is easy with PushEngage. It is also compatible with the Woocommerce platform.

6. TrustPulse

TrustPulse is one of the top WordPress Push Notifications plugins on the market. This plugin shows a notification anytime someone positively interacts with your website 

Hence, when someone makes a purchase, for example, you can have the TrustPulse plugin display a notification to your website’s visitors. This makes your brand appear more trustworthy.

Plus, this plugin offers flexible design options to match the look and feel of your e-commerce website. And this plugin is free. 

7. Subscribers

Subscribers is a straightforward and easy-to-use plugin that you can install on your WordPress website. By making use of it, you can alert your users to new offers, discounts, and events.

By using this plugin, you can send unlimited notifications to your users. And it also offers real tracking and reporting. That means by doing so, you can audit your campaigns.

8. LetsPush

If you have an e-commerce website with WordPress then you will have to look at LetsPush. Because this plugin adds push notifications not just for your WordPress posts, but also for your Woocommerce products and BuddyPress alerts.

In this way, you can push out notifications for new posts, seasonal sales, abandoned carts, new friend requests, and so on.

9. Gravitec.net

Gravitec is an advanced Woocommerce push notifications plugin that enables you to automate your push notifications in just a few clicks.

By using this plugin, you can send your Twitter tweets automatically in push notifications and you can add unlimited websites, tags, and users to your Gravitec account.

10. iZooto Web Push Notification

With iZooto, you can boost your audience with push notifications. You need to install the plugin and connect to your iZooto account. Then you can begin creating push notifications from your WordPress dashboard. 

iZooto includes several options to target as per location or device, making it beneficial for local businesses.

Bottom Lines

These are some WordPress Push notifications plugins for an e-commerce website. It is so important to increase user engagement and website visitors. And to achieve this, using these Woocommerce push notifications plugins is one of the best strategies. Although all the WordPress plugins are worthy, our recommendation is to try to use WonderPush.