Which is Better in Dubai? Renting a Car or Using Public Transport

Dubai, the land of gold trading, luxury cars, and an ample web of roads is one of the most visited cities in the United Arab Emirates. Not only the tourists but the traders and students are also fond of this wondrous place. The reason is that this beautiful emirate provides something to almost everyone, everywhere according to their interest. Therefore, millions of people come to Dubai across the world every year.

Despite all the attractions and facilities of this marvelous land, often tourists face problems in the selection of public transport. However, the services of public transport and rental cars from Toyota and SUVs to the Lamborghini Urus rent Dubai can solve this problem easily but it is important to select the right means of transportation according to the needs of your traveling, comfort and budget to ensure a hassle-free excursion around the city if wonders.

To solve the puzzle of better choice between public transport and rental car, we are providing here all the features of both.

Public Transport

Dubai’s public transport system is very advanced and provides very cheap services in almost all areas of the city. Metro lines, red, green, or blue line, and buses are the top services of public transport. However, they have no routes for some areas. Some highlighted pros and cons of public transport are listed below. 


Safe and Reasonable Choice: Public transport stations provide travelers with all the information about the bus routes, times, and stops. Moreover, they are cheap and affordable for everyone. Therefore, for first-time visitors, public transport is the best choice to avoid any incident or mishap.

Easy to Access: Public transport has fixed pickup and exit points for every location and they stop at every point for 3-5 minutes. And these stops are present in easily accessible public areas. Moreover, the signboards are also located in the nearest areas to guide the people.  Therefore the passengers can easily find the nearest public transport point.

Access to All Famous Locations: Public transport’s biggest advantage is that it has routes to almost all the famous places. Therefore visitors can easily move from one place to another by picking up public transport.


Along with multiple benefits it also holds some negative areas that are:

Time Boundaries: almost all types of public transport have a fixed time for arrival. Therefore passengers have to wait at the stop till the bus comes to reach the destination. It causes stress and also consumes a lot of time.

Extra Charges: Public transport does not drop at the exact location but the fixed stop. Therefore, tourists often need to hire a taxi or cab to reach the exact location after leaving the bus which results in an extra burden on the budget.

Renting Car

There are several rental car agencies in Dubai providing their services all around the city. It holds a lot of benefits including:


Cheap rates: Rental car services provide all types of cars at very cheap rates with free delivery and insurance policy at the doorstep

Huge Collection: It provides a wide range of cars to choose from according to the need of your traveling and space requirements. Moreover, it also provides different price tags to select according to your budget.

Opportunity to Ride Your Dream Car: Any reliable car rental companies provide the opportunity to rent luxury cars at very low rates and achieve your dream to ride luxury cars including BMW, Ferrari, and Lamborghini Urus rent Dubai options.

Comfort and Privacy: The biggest advantage to renting a car in Dubai is that you can enjoy comfortable traveling with your friends or family in privacy.


Age and driving license are the only factors that count in the pros of car rental services. It requires a minimum 21 years age limit and you must have professional driving skills. Otherwise, you also have to hire the driver along with the car which costs extra charges.

Final Verdict

By going through all the possible aspects of both public transport and renting a car we conclude that both systems are delivering the best in their respective areas. However, hiring a rental through any other reputable service is a more economical choice to enjoy comfortable driving with full privacy and the feel of luxury. Moreover, it’s also time cost-effective in multiple ways. And you can also fulfill your desire of riding your dream car at a very reasonable price.