Which is better B450M or B450


It is only in recent time when motherboards presented by AMD started getting their due recognition not just because of them coming under reasonable price range but also for the incredible specifications they present. They proved their remarkable entry in the gaming market because of the overall smooth gaming and streaming performances that gamers were able to experience. The cause of concern to be discussed in this article is a comparison between two boards that are already very popular in the market but if you have to make a choice what should be your priority to consider and based on what points, we will be discussing all these factors in this article. Keep reading! Let’s know what is best B450m motherboard or B450.

At first we will list some of the basic specifications that are identical in both the boards and then will give a comparative overview on the features that differ in both the boards. Let’s start listing the factors that’d decide what is best, B450M or B450 motherboard.

B450M and B450 Motherboard – Characteristics: 

Though both the MSI launched motherboards are perfectly compatible with Ryzen 2000 core series but comparatively one is better than other based on some distinctive features to be discussed below. 

At first let’s shed light onto the similar potencies shared by both the motherboards.

 B450 and B450M Similar Features:

-Supports first and second generation processors Ryzen and Radeon Vega series.

-Smart Fan 5 for temperature control. This technology aids you to change the fan headers with each other and locate on different compartments of the board.

-Protective thermal shield.

-Dual phased PCI express second generation that supports m.2 NVMe devices.

-In built WiFi of Intel Ethernet (802 11A).

-Double channeled DDR4.

-A rate of 1.7 Gps data transferring rate.

-RGD LED headers with RGB fusion technology.

-The inbuilt WiFi has the capability to support bluetooth 4.2. 

-A nine phased power setup configured 6+3.

-Four RAM slots with 64 GB memory limit.

B450 and B450M Distinctive Features:

• Audio:

I would mention that the audio setup of B450M is far better than that of B450 where AMP UP audio setup is prioritized with combined power of audio capacitors designed with high quality material and AOURS audio tech for impressive auditory output. On the other hand B450 completely failed to install such an incredible setup in its audio compartment. Though the audio system in B450 is also commendable but not worth prioritizing when you have to make a choice between B450 and B450M.

• Connection Ports: Both the boards did not fail to impress us with their connectivity options but here B450M takes the lead too. B450M offers an interesting development of DVI-D whereas B450 is seen with a display audio port. 

If we talk about the availability of USB ports, B450M is again ahead of B450 by presenting eight 2.0 and six 3.1 USB slots. On the other hand, B450 has been a little behind in this area by presenting only two 3.1 and four 2.0 USB connectivity options. So if your choice is a board with numerous connections, B450M should be preferred.

• Memory: If we compare the SATA connections of both the boards, B450 has six of them to offer that supports 6 gigabits per second, while the B450M has four of them with a potential to stabilize 10 arrays and RAID too. 

Now let’s analyze the difference between memory as well as expansion slots that both the boards have to offer. B450 comes with two m.2 slots where each one assist PCI express expansion slot of 3.0×4. Though B450 also offers m.2 connections but due to lack of space for both to be placed at single side, only one supports SATA 6 gigabits per second solid state drive.

•Heat sinks: Both the boards have similar configuration of heat controlling sinks but there’s a difference to note too in this compartment, only B450 comes with an additional heat sink because of it being comparatively bigger than B450M.

Conclusion: To conclude, if you are confused between the two boards B450M and B450, we highly recommend the former because of it offering better features comparatively despite being a micro ATX setup. These additional features allow you to overclock more conveniently. Our choice is the B450M over B460 – it is now up to you to make a choice after giving a proper read to this article.