Which eyeglass frame styles suit your face shape?

When shopping for new glasses, we often find ourselves wondering “which frame style look good on me?” If you’re too in the same situation and asking yourself the same question, then you’ve landed the right place. 

I’ll tell you how to tap into the right frame style that not only accentuates your features but suits your personality as well. 

If you’re buying your first ever pair of specs, then this guide is defintely for you. With the right frame style, you can get the best of both vision and fashion. 

Frame styles according to your face shape

Glasses are avaiable in so many exciting and fun shapes these days. You may not find them at your nearby optical stores as they lack variety. But, if you buy online glasse in the UK, you’ll get access to all the different frame styles existing in the market today. 

Let’s find out what looks best on your face shape to look more stylish with your glasses. 

Round face 

A round face has curvy features with zero angles. The height and width of the face are almost similar and the full cheekbones are the major highlight of this face shape. 

To lend some contour to your curvy structure, square or rectangular glasses do the best job. Cat-eye style is the next best option for you. The clean lens cuts and edgy corners balance out your symmetry while the bold shapes lend confidence to your friendly round features. 

Square face 

A square face shape has forehead, jaw and cheekbones of same width. However, the jaw has sharp angles and which makes your face look more pronounced. 

Round glasses or curvy silhouettes such as oval frames will look better on you. Vintage style is so on-trend these days. So, if you have a vintage round frame, you can rock it as well. Make sure you don’t forget reglazing glasses so you can replace the lenses with the ones that have your prescription power.

Aviator glasses are another trendy option for you. The round lens bottoms look perfect against your strong jawline and lengthen your face shape. 

Heart-shaped face 

A heart-shaped face look elegant and the most feminine of them all. With full cheekbones and a pointy chin, there is a variety of frame styles that look good with this face shape. 

The most common frame style that suits your face shape is cat-eye. The wide upper rims add some width to your narrow forehead while the upswept edges lend a punch of boldness to your soft features. 

Frame styles that emphasise the upper portion of your face also work well for heart-shaped faces. Embellishments and decorative details on frames will drive attention away from your narrow chin. 

Glasses can balance out your face shape just fine. This is why people have also started to use non-prescription eyewear such as blue light or anti-glare glasses that protect their vision while balancing their facial features. 

Oblong face

An oblong face is slim and long. The cheek lines are straight and the forehead is usually broad. Square or geometric styles will add contours and bring definition to your oblong face. You can also try out funky frames with bohemian or unique patterns on the body to distract from the length of your face. 

Do not try narrow glasses as they will emphasise the length. Use oversized and geometric styles instead to keep things more balanced. Oversized cat-eye frames will also look great on you. 

Oval face 

Oval face shape is the most versatile of them all. They can pull off most of the frame styles without even trying. However, if the shape is too round or too angular, it will affect the natural balance of your facial symmetry. This is why you should choose glasses that are a mix of different elements. 

Steer clear of frames that are too round or square. Also, you can try out transparent glasses as they don’t look so noticeable on the face and only highlight your features. 

I hope you now have an idea about what are the best frame styles for your face shape. Glasses are helpful in correcting your vision. But, if you choose the right frame shape and style it correctly, they become the coolest accessory you can have in your wardrobe.