Which Are the Luckiest Numbers In Roulette

Roulette is a game of chance, and with each spin comes different outcomes, which are entirely random. However, similar to the game of boule, there is a widespread belief that some numbers frequently hit more than others. This belief transcends from land-based casinos to online, as some players get to use these superstitious numbers while playing some best live roulette casinos. Though, it is hard to determine the most frequent numbers that come up accurately. This belief of “lucky numbers” is an ancient belief that has played out specific times and proven genuine.

On the list of roulette’s luckiest numbers from ancient times till the present day is the number 7, as it has several historical groundbreaking winnings attached to itself. Many players believe this is a lucky number and is the most popular bet for roulette games.

Top historical winnings that involved the number 7

  1. Ashley Revell’s win: The gamble of a lifetime.From zero to hero, this is a story of a hothead gambler that sold all his properties and headed to Las Vegas with his entire life savings to bet all on roulette. The story was so compelling, that there was even a short-lived TV mini-series documenting the event (“Double or Nothing”)

What kind of guts and courage can a human have that would make him bet his entire life savings on one single spin of the roulette wheel? As they say, “Fortune favors the brave”, the immense faith and courage Ashley had in himself made him bet his entire $135,000 on red. After waiting impatiently, the ball fell on red 7, which successfully doubled his net worth, as he won $270,000. Although it may not be the most prominent casino win in history, the act earned him a permanent spot in the roulette winner’s hall of fame.

  • Chris Boyd’s win: Similar to Ashley Revell, a programmer named Chris Boyd staked his entire three years savings of $220,000 on the game of roulette. Having flown into the Las Vegas, the gambler’s paradise, he started seeking to get a casino that would bring him luck. He encountered a major difficulty, which was a non-flexible rule that restricts the gambling limit per hand to $100,000, being the maximum sum a player can bet on the game in all casinos.

He bargained with several casinos repeatedly to let him bet with the huge amount, but they all refused the offer. He finally worked out a deal with Binion’s Horseshoe Club, which also had the same bet amount limitation; he was eventually allowed to bet big and bet on a European roulette wheel. The casino had written off his chance of winning because they thought no one could pull off that win and that it would be a win for them eventually.

In minutes, courage paid off one of the biggest gamblers that has ever played the game of roulette, as the ball fell into the red-7 pocket. That coincidence made “7-red” the luckiest combination in the history of roulette.

Other Lucky Numbers

  • Number 17: In the game of roulette, 17 is one of the most popular and best numbers, as identified by casual and experienced players.This number is located strategically in the center of the roulette table and is associated with happiness in mathematical theories. Similar to the number seven, it is also popular amongst roulette players.
  • Number 23 and 24: Having their fair share of popularity in the game of roulette, these numbers are also located in the center of the roulette’s table, sitting close to each other and several bets are placed on them continually by many experienced players. They are popular choices to play in the game of roulette