Which App is the Best to Monitor the Indian & Global Financial Market?

The Global Economy and financial market are growing at a rapid pace. In this fast-paced life, where people have come into a habit of using technology at every point of their life, there has been a boom in the financial sector. 

Trading and Investment have become easier with the launch of numerous mobile applications. Now, you can also gain knowledge about the Stock Market at your fingertips. These mobile applications help investors to research and analyze stocks without any hassle. 

In the present era of digitalization, people seek options that suit their comfort and fulfill their aims. IIFL Markets app is a Stock trading app that provides users with some of the best facilities. It provides a great platform for traders/investors to build the right strategy for their trading/investment goals. 

Trading may result in losses if the person does not know enough about the Stock  Market. With IIFL Securities, various features protect you from these losses and help you trade/invest smartly. 

IIFL Markets app allows instant trading to their users with elaborate features. The app proves to be sufficient for all kinds of investments. All the features provided by the IIFL Markets app are described below:

1. Free Guest user Login

You can easily log in to the IIFL Markets app as a Guest user. This login has no charges. It just requires the verification of your mobile number with a single OTP. 

2. Mpin based Login 

This Stock trading app provides you with a 4-digit Mpin based login that secures your account on it. 

3. In-depth analysis

An in-depth analysis and expert research are available to you via the application. You can get all the information regarding different stock prices and company performances in one place and trade accordingly. 

4.  Expert tips

IIFL Markets app has a professional research team that provides you with the best tips for trading. With complete financial analysis, there is easy access to over 500 stocks from NIFTY, Sensex, Bank Nifty, and Mid Cap.

5. Customizable Watchlists

You can add multiple stocks to one watchlist and customize it according to your needs. It allows you to create several watchlists. 

6. Price Alerts

You can set  Price alerts for multiple stocks to get notifications on their fluctuations in the  Stock market. Setting the price alerts for your invested stocks can give you a warning or a benefits check to your portfolio.

7. Derivatives section 

For trading in Derivatives contracts, like Options and Futures, you can use this Stock trading app and get more information about them. You can trade according to the most active index and stock options to get the best gains.

8. Customer services

You can contact the helpline for any kind of problem, and give feedback. “One Tap Support,” which will help you through ChatBOT technology.

9. Finance and Business news

You can get the current financial and business-related news and stay updated about the economy and the market to make wise investment/trading decisions.

10.  Personal Loans

You can get pre-approved loans based on your credit score and financial standing.

11. Detailed Dashboard

The dashboard is a space that provides you with your account summary. It is a detailed place where you can analyze your investments and make decisions.

12. Holistic Trading

This Stock trading app is a complete package with all the requirements of an investor in one place. It saves time for traders/investors and provides them with convenience and efficiency to trade/invest.


IIFL Securities is one of India’s leading stock brokerage firms that has been providing financial products and services for more than a decade. While the Stock trading app “IIFL Market app” has proved to be one of the best apps for trades and investments. It is a trustworthy platform that provides excellent features to trade/invest smartly.