Where to Store Your Luggage When Out Of The Country

When you are travelling abroad, there will always be gap time. This is when you are arriving from one flight and waiting to connect to your next destination. This gap time could be anything between two to six hours or more. During this time, you will want to go and explore the neighborhoods, attend a concert, or go shopping. That is why you will need to think about proper storage of luggage to ensure that they are safe until when you need them back.

Before you leave home, you can always plan where your luggage will be kept. There are airports that have storage lockers, while some hotels can arrange to offer this kind of service.

Hire a bag sitting company

There are companies that exist in most of the well-known airports globally that can help with the proper storage of luggage at a fee. They have their rates, and what they charge is normally quite friendly. Some of the bag storage solutions providers include a network of cafes, retail shops, hotels, and more. Most of these service providers have an app, and you will need to download it and book their service.

But it’s advisable to start making reservations online before you arrive, and also take note of their operating hours. There are a few companies that are flexible, but there is a limit to this. It’s imperative for you that you understand their operating policy before you book for their services.

Many bag storage options are available

Here are some of the bag storage choices that you can use globally.

1. Luggage Hero

This Danish company operates in cities such as Copenhagen, New York, and London. Their website states that they charge $2 for the handling fee and levy $1 per hour for every bag that is stored. This means that if you need a bag stored for just a few hours, the amount that you will pay will be quite low. In case something happens and you don’t show up after reserving space, they will not charge you. The best part is that they offer insurance coverage of up to $2000 per bag.

2. Knock Knock

This bag storage company operates in Boston, San Francisco, and New York. Their charges depend on how long you will leave your bags with them. Hourly storage is charged at $2, while a flat fee of $2 is charged for an entire day. Every bag is insured to the tune of $500. If you leave your bag for an extended time, the company will charge you $49 per week and $149 for the entire month.

3. Stasher

This bag storage company has an app where customers can book for space. They operate in Europe, Australia, and North America. Customers who cancel their reservations get refunds. All you do is inform them via phone or email in case you run into challenges while traveling, making it impossible for you to use their service.


This company originated in Italy but it’s now present globally.  However, after booking, the fee that you have paid if you cancel is not refundable. This company uses Angels that has an extensive network in Australia, North America, and Across Europe.


You don’t have to carry your luggage with you when waiting for transit. You can go shopping, or sightseeing as you leave your bag and other possessions under the care of reputable bag care companies.