Where to get dried flowers, the best variety, and how to arrange them

Two years after its resurgence, the dried flower fad is still going strong – and it’s easy to understand why. These low-maintenance blossoms have a lot of benefits in addition to appearing lovely on your kitchen table or windowsill. They’re excellent for spaces with limited natural light, second homes, rentals, and workplaces because they don’t require light or water.

They’re also a lot better for the earth than a weekly fresh bouquet. So many of the fresh cut flowers we buy are cultivated in other countries. They must be transported promptly by air in temperature-controlled circumstances due to their limited lifespan. Preserved and dried stems don’t require this extra step, and they last much longer.

Dried blossoms, on the other hand, can last for years with proper care, making them a considerably less wasteful option. They’re 100 percent natural and biodegradable, unlike artificial stems, so they’re a wonderful alternative if you’re concerned about your carbon footprint.

Where to buy the best dried flowers arrangements

A fast Google search should provide some lovely bouquets, but we recommend checking out Shop east olivia, independent florists specialising in dried flower arrangements. Many other types, such as Samantha, Kelly, and pampas grass, are available in shop east olivia for a better mix and match.

Shop east olivia has a variety of dried and preserved bunches, seasonal floral d├ęcor boxes, and flower therapy boxes that make fantastic gifts if you don’t want to make your own.

Alternatively, there are many kits available online that include full directions as well as everything you need to make your own dried flower wreath for your kitchen.


Fortunately, there is no art to caring for dried flowers; they are entirely foolproof. All you have to do is keep them away from bright sunlight and avoid getting them wet. Although preserved blooms appear to be in good condition, they will swiftly deteriorate if placed in a vase of water.

If dried flowers can someplace damp then they will grow mouldy. All we have to do is to give them a nice blast with a hairdryer to clean them.

What is the best way to dry flowers at home?

It is simple to dry your own flowers. In about a week to ten days, we should have a handful to enjoy for the foreseeable future if you keep them dry and out of the sun. We can hang them upside down on a string in a house. Keep the bunch short, since if we have a huge wad of stems, it will take longer.

It’s fun to explore when it comes to stem selection. You don’t have to go with typical selections like wild flowers, roses, or eucalyptus. Penny says, “I’m a big admirer of drying seed heads and weeds.” “Once dock leaves have gone to seed, they turn a stunning crimson and brown colour.”

How to put dried flowers in a vase

Rather than standard floral bouquets, experimenting with preserved flowers. All-flower arrangements are artificial, so mix flowers with seed heads like poppies, which look great all year. Adding anything green with a pleasant aroma, such as dried oregano.

Cut the stems to the height you need with a pair of sharp scissors or garden shears as you arrange them. To establish the structure and contour of your arrangement, place the less delicate foliage in the vase first.

You can quickly refresh your home by arranging flowers in an appropriate and loving manner.