Curtains are a vital element in your bedroom and living space. After all, it conceals a room from harsh sunlight and offers privacy. In addition to this, it is a fantastic accessory for your living room and bedroom. But it is vital to drape and hang them perfectly.

So, you need to determine the size of the windows before purchasing hanging curtain rods and curtains. You must ensure that you have the right measurements before buying the curtain rods and curtains and styling your room beautifully. So, if you read further, you can get a gist of what curtain rods are, where to place them, and the exact measurements to be taken.

What are curtain rods?

As the name suggests, the curtain rods help hang the curtains or the window treatments. Curtains or window treatments allow the natural light to enter without disrupting your privacy and darkening the room.

Well, curtain rods come in a wide range of materials and colors. It is an effortless task to search for the right rod for your bedroom, living space, and dining room.

What tools do you require for the curtain rods?

To install curtain rods, you require tools such as level, drill bit, pencil, screws, stud finder, power drill, and tape measure. Apart from these tools, you will also need curtain rod brackets and hanging curtain rods.

Instead of doing it yourself, you can search for services that provide you with curtain rods and install the curtains. You can ensure that it will be easier when you rely on their services.

What measurements to take for your curtain rods?

Before taking the measurements of the curtain rods, it is a must to measure the window’s height and width. The height must be halfway between the ceiling and window casing if you want standard drapes. It can only be considered if there are over twelve inches between the ceiling and window trim.

But what if you have cathedral ceilings? You must leave the curtain rods for about four to six inches above the trim. Whatever might be the height of the ceiling, the minimum distance between the curtain rod and the window casing should be two inches.

You must attempt to mount the rods close to your home’s low ceiling. As a result, the height’s illusion will be created. When it comes to width, the measurement from the curtain rod to the window casing has to be at least four to ten inches.

Remember that your curtain rod can extend on both sides of the inside frame of the window. Moreover, the rod can extend to at least 10 inches so that an illusion of a wide window will be created.

Where to place the curtain rods?

Hanging the curtain rods, particularly finding the correct placement, can be a challenging and daunting task. You must mount the rods at the correct spot, or the curtains won’t hang properly.

If you don’t want the space of the window to look smaller, you must not allow the rod to sit close to it. Plus, your curtain brackets must not be shallow and extend beyond the trim’s depth. After determining the placement of the rods, you can install anchors to secure on the wall.

Then, you can place them on the curtains. But what if your curtains comprise eye-holes and large grommets? Your curtain must have openings that can thread to the curtain rod.

You can also consult your service providers to use a screwdriver or power drill to secure the rod brackets to the wall and place them into the brackets. After locking them in place, apply the finishing touches to the rod’s end.

Hanging the rods is easy if you have a professional to help. You can choose the curtain rods to complement the curtains of your house. In case you have heavy curtains, you can search for substantial rods. When it comes to the metal accents of your room, you can look for a similar finish.