Where is betting online safer?

Today, in order to gamble in a bookmaker’s office, there’s no need to visit the nearest branch of the company. Betting online can be easily done on your home computer or mobile device. All bookmakers are available on the Internet, which greatly expands the gambling possibilities. But the abundance of websites also creates a certain problem  – how to choose a platform that not only offers comfortable conditions, but is also a fairly reliable partner?

Betting activity is legal in Ukraine. Clients of any office that has received a state license, are provided with the security of payments and can count on the law protection in disputable situations. Unfortunately, there are only 3 such companies in the country so far (as of March 2022):

  • “Parimatch”  – PM brand, license No. 84;
  • “Play Fan Investment”  – Fan Sport, license No. 13;
  • “VBET Ukraine”  – VBET, license No. 15.

For those gamblers who are professionally engaged in betting online, this poor choice is clearly unacceptable, so they continue to use the services of other bookmakers as well. These organizations operate under the licenses of international gambling commissions recognized all over the world. In Ukraine, the activity of their websites is blocked, but the ban can be easily bypassed using anonymizers or mirrors.

How safe is gambling on the resources whose activities are not recognized by the state Gambling and Lottery Regulatory Commission? When it comes to companies that are already well known on the Ukrainian market, the risks are minimal. They have long proven their reliability and are trustworthy. But you should be careful with new bookmaker offices. Among them, frankly fraudulent projects can also be found.

Top bookmakers of Ukraine without a state license

One of the main advantages of international gambling platforms is that there is no need to pay taxes. Clients of licensed betting shops today are required to pay 19.5% of winnings (18% income tax and 1.5% for the army needs). Foreign top bookmakers allow their gamblers to deal with taxes at their discretion, which, of course, attracts many people.

Does this mean that it is more profitable to gamble on foreign sites? There is no single answer. The advantage of legal sites is the protection of users at the state level. In addition, there is already an active struggle against illegal bookmakers, the purpose of which is to create maximum discomfort for customers in matters of receiving their winnings. In the future, these steps will definitely be tightened, but at this stage, few people refuse the services of top bookmakers with an international license. 

Experienced bettors usually register on many platforms in order to have maximum space for implementing gambling strategies. Beginners are advised to start by opening accounts on 2-3 sites. It is better to focus on the leaders of the ratings published by various professional portals. To ensure maximum objectivity, it is worth comparing several such lists in order to eliminate the element of chance.