If you’re starting a dietary supplement brand, it’s essential to find the best manufacturer. In the U.S., nearly 77 percent of the population uses dietary supplements. A lot of supplements contain different components, but they can also be single-ingredient formulas. The U.S. boasts a $46 billion-dollar supplement market. And it’s projected to reach $69 billion by 2027. For your brand, you’ll need to find the best manufacturer to create probiotics, protein, or CLA supplements. Learn about why Maker’s Nutrition might just be the ideal manufacturer to help you create dietary supplement products for your business.

What is Maker’s Nutrition?


Maker’s Nutrition is a supplement manufacturer that uses state-of-the-art handling equipment and high-output encapsulation machines to produce supplements for your customer base. You can customize the formulation of your nutritional supplements at their ultra-efficient lab. And within four weeks, you can start hitting the market with your brand. Makers Nutrition takes care of bottling it up and packaging your supplement products. They have label applicators and packaging systems. Plus, they offer manufacturing for capsules, softgels, powders, tablets, and gummies. They can even facilitate testing on your behalf. And they’re an FDA-registered facility. So, you know that you’ll only get supplements of the highest quality from Makers Nutrition.

It’s a dietary supplement manufacturer that uses the latest technology.

The Makers Nutrition lab has ultra-efficient, innovative machinery. The equipment can compress 37 million tablets and encapsulate 22 million capsules per day. It can also blend 130 kilograms of powder and coat 16 million tablets with film or sugar per day. Plus, it can package 360,000 bottles each day, so they guarantee meeting your four-week turnaround time. They’re able to accurately price quotes within 48 hours because they have all of the materials on hand in their warehouse. Other manufacturers have to source materials externally, which extends their turnaround time to around eight weeks. With the state-of-the-art equipment at Makers Nutrition, you’ll get your products within four weeks with no issues.

They offer high-quality raw materials.


The production times at Makers Nutrition are efficient because they have $10 million worth of raw material in-house. They source their materials from all over the globe to find the highest-quality ingredients in order to manufacture dietary supplements. Clients can share their ingredient wish list with Makers Nutrition so that they can formulate a supplement that’s perfect for their brand’s ideal customer. If you want to reach your target market, let the company know about the top vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, herbs, proteins, enzymes, and extracts that you want in your product. You’ll find that they have all of the ingredients and processes necessary to make probiotic supplements. Their manufacturing techniques include a superior fermentation process to preserve prebiotic fibers. They have delicious and ingredients for protein supplements that help build muscle and boost metabolism, such as whey and soy concentrates. They even have antioxidants and oils for CLA softgels or powders. You can get them in a powder format or in capsules. Whatever your choice may be, expect quality standards for product development using the best ingredients.

The company has premium customer service to guide you.

Best of all, Makers Nutrition has great customer service experts. They can help you throughout the entire process to create a superior supplement for your brand. From R&D to the manufacturing of your customer formula, their services and professional experts really help expedite the process of creating a dietary supplement. All you have to do is request a quote to get started.

At Makers Nutrition, you can expect high-quality customer manufacturing with the use of advanced technology and the best possible ingredients. If you’re looking for where to find a top dietary supplement manufacturer, you’ve found it all in Makers Nutrition.