When Will Roblox Be Back Up 2021 :- Why Is Not Working?

Roblox has been down for some time however the game’s status Twitter account has given a clarification to why it isn’t working and when it will be back up.

The brought down status of the game is the same old thing as it has occurred in years prior. Notwithstanding, the circumstance is angering and baffling as fans ought to partake in its Halloween occasions.

It has been disconnected for a long time currently, yet refreshes are continually being shared.


Roblox isn’t working due to an interior framework issue.

This blunder has been shared on the game’s true status site. It says that a fix is being chipped away at, yet that everything from its versatile to Xbox to PC applications have been disturbed.

Since the game’s concerns, RTrack reports that zero individuals have had the option to play the game for six hours. This is a titanic ruin from the ordinary 48 million every day clients.


The Roblox Status Twitter account reports that the game will be back up on October 29th.

Notwithstanding, this message was posted at 03:00 BST and said that it shouldn’t take any more extended than six hours for the game to return. It’s been longer since yet they have now revealed that the issue is distinguished and that they are expecting to return the game before long contingent upon how much harm has been caused.


The following are some entertaining responses from Twitter to make you grin regardless of the disturbance.