When Should You Replace Your HVAC System?

The HVAC unit is one of the core parts of any residence, but that only makes it one of the most vulnerable. Without it, you can get incredibly uncomfortable quickly and might struggle to deal with sudden changes in weather or temperature.

But when should you actually replace the system, and how do you decide what time is the right time to upgrade?

The System is Old

If your HVAC has gotten too old, then it can be important to replace it as quickly as possible. Most HVAC units are designed to operate for between 10 and 15 years before suffering faults, but the parts will start to deteriorate after roughly 10 years – it is rare for an HVAC system to survive 20 years.

This means that you will want to know how long your system has been installed. If you recently bought an older house and do not know when the HVAC system was added, it can be worth replacing it (unless it is clearly a shiny new model). This pre-emptively avoids any breakdowns due to old age.

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Repairs are Getting Costly

Remember that repairs get more expensive as more problems occur with the unit, especially in older units that might not have parts in active production anymore. It is possible for an older HVAC unit to suffer enough damage that it costs almost as much as a full replacement would.

If the repairs cost more than half of what it would cost to replace the unit entirely, then just replace it. This gives you a full HVAC refit of your residence while also giving you a new, up-to-date model. Repairing your old HVAC is not going to give you the same performance or overall lifespan as a new one would.

Your Bills are Rising

Higher bills can often mean that your HVAC is using more power to try and operate properly, something that usually only happens if it is beginning to wear out and get less effective. This can also apply in situations where you have noticed that the temperature is not being adjusted by the AC unit correctly.

If you are paying more for the same (or even worse) benefits, then you might need to replace the system. The longer you keep it, the longer you will be paying for sub-par performance, which can be a huge problem if hotter seasons are starting to creep up.


If your AC unit is damaged or breaking down, then you should just get it replaced. Furnace Repair Newmarket can work, but larger forms of damage (like components completely failing) often warrant a full replacement, especially if the original HVAC broke due to years of neglect or poor maintenance.

Calling an Expert

Whatever the reason, you will want to get hold of an expert as soon as you can. Searching up terms like air conditioning replacement services in Aledo, TX, can be a great way to see which experts are in your local area, allowing you to choose the one that suit your needs the best. The more you know, the better.