When should you consider hair transplant?

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These operations are best performed by a qualified surgeon who specializes in hair transplantation and has extensive expertise with the technique. Although hair transplants are usually effective, it may take up to nine months for the new hair to grow in and fill in. Hair loss and subsequent regrowth following a hair transplant is a normal occurrence.

Hair transplant tailored to your needs

Hair is transplanted in the direction in which hair would naturally grow, so once it begins to regenerate, it should seem completely natural.Hair grows very quickly, making most scars nearly invisible. Scarring, if any, would be permanent but would perhaps lighten over time. Scars may become less noticeable after a year or more of patient waiting. It’s quite likely that you’ll want or need additional “touch up” surgery to enhance the aesthetic results of your hair transplant.

Why you should consider our clinic?

If you are looking for a hair transplant in Toronto, you have found the top clinic in the city. We’ve earned our stellar reputation over many years by providing our clients with not just the highest quality but also a comprehensive menu of options. This is where you should go if you’re experiencing hair loss or thinking about getting a transplant. If your hair loss is still in its early stages, non-invasive techniques like laser combs and minimally invasive procedures like PRP therapy may be effective. But, a transplant may be an option if your hair loss is so severe that you have noticeable bald areas or a rapidly receding hairline.

Hair transplant- what stage should you consider this?

If you have tried alternative methods to promote hair growth without success, hair transplant surgery may be worth considering. Many hair transplant methods are available nowadays. You should consult with a medical professional to determine whether operation is right for you. Find a trained expert who specializes in treating hair loss and restoring lost hair. They should be the sole ones operating on transplant patients. The surgical feasibility of hair transplantation is another factor to think about. Consider the time and money it will take for your body to recover between sessions.

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