When Should You Call A Locksmith? 

Locks are designed to deter unwanted access to your house or place of business. They do, however, occasionally also stop us from entering also. We’ve all had the unfortunate experience of locking ourselves out, misplacing our keys, or having a broken lock. When your light stops working, you call an electrician, and when you’re sick, you call a doctor but sometimes people never consider calling a locksmith to help with their locks.

Tips for hiring a locksmith

When hiring a locksmith, the first and most crucial consideration is whether or not the individual is a qualified expert. You should not hire anyone if they don’t have a Master Locksmith title and a current license number that you can verify. Experience is crucial to both ensuring that the lockout is resolved and preventing any damage to your property.

Not all locksmiths have competence with all types of locks, which is an important factor to take into account before selecting one. For instance, some locksmiths specialize in automotive locks while others specialize in domestic and residential locks. Make certain the locksmith you pick has knowledge in the field in which you require assistance. Similar to how some locksmiths focus on traditional mechanical locks while others concentrate on cutting-edge digital security systems, it’s crucial to keep this in mind. Make sure the locksmith you want is knowledgeable about any technologies they will be using.

A locksmith’s spectrum of services includes rekeying locks in addition to installing new locks and replacing old ones. Furthermore, they can install new locks, fix existing locks, and even duplicate keys. Professional locksmiths are also skilled in repairing mailboxes, deadbolts, doorknobs, and even keypad door locks. If you require a locksmith but are concerned about the cost, we will go into detail about that in this article. Here are some of the services that locksmiths provide along with the typical cost per service. You can always check out ontimelocksmiths.com for updated pricing.

Locked out of your house or car 

If you ever get locked out of your house or car, a local locksmith will charge you based on the distance traveled, the cost of insurance and overhead, as well as the time and urgency of your service call. You should budget anywhere from $65 to $200, although you should anticipate spending more after business hours.

Emergency call-outs

A number of locksmiths are available around-the-clock. When you call a locksmith after business hours, on the weekends, or on a holiday, you should anticipate paying an additional fee of between $150 and $250.

Installing electronic locks 

From the convenience of your smart home hub, electronic locks are a terrific way to lock and unlock your doors. For a keypad, you may expect to pay as little as $50 and as much as 500 for a sophisticated system with biometrics, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. Installing these locks typically will set you back between $50 and $500.


A locksmith who rekeys a lock rearranges the pins in the cylinder to create a new key. Rekeying locks is a quick and inexpensive alternative that doesn’t require completely replacing the locks. It typically takes 15 minutes to rekey each lock. You should budget between $80 and $150 for this service.

Changing your locks 

The price to replace your locks will vary depending on the type, such as a doorknob or garage door. Furthermore, it will depend on when you call. We suggest changing the locks if you are unsure of who has extra keys as well as anytime the lock starts to wear out. Homeowners should set aside $50 to $200 for lock changes.

If in doubt, call a locksmith

Being locked out or having your locks broken are quite stressful situations, so it is a really good idea to call a locksmith in these circumstances, even if it is only to get their professional opinion and confirm their availability. Finding a locksmith may appear daunting at first, but with these tips, it should be easy and straightforward.