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Now is the time to sell! Homes have increased in some areas by 32.6% and in other areas by 43%.

If you’re considering selling your home then you might wonder when is the best time of year to sell a house? There’s some truth to homes varying in prices due to the timing.

While this might seem overwhelming to figure out, the guide below is here to help, so keep reading.

The Best Time To Sell a House

The good news is that if you want to sell now you can get fast cash for home. Throughout the years the best time to sell a house can vary.

In previous years, July was the best time, while last year it was around March. Normally, the best time to sell is in the summer months.

If you’re looking for higher than the asking price, consider going with the spring or summer months. The fall and winter months are the worst time to sell.

Keep in mind that where you live could influence the best time of year to sell. Each state will have different weather forecasts too which could impact the best time to sell a home.

How About the Best Day of the Week To Sell?

The best day of the week to sell is normally on a Thursday. Homes that are listed on a Thursday tend to reach pending status faster than other days.

Avoid putting your home up on a Sunday. Saturday and Monday are slightly better than Sunday though.

Summertime Selling

The home selling process is effective in the summer months. There are more hours in the day, warmer weather, you don’t have to worry about moving in the snow, and kids are off from school.

People want to get their children settled in a new location before school starts. There are some cons though such as it being hot and sticky outside.

While people are moving they might be sweating and uncomfortable. Finding professionals in the area can be harder since they’ll be busy with other clients. Children will be frustrated if they can’t enjoy their backyard since you have to keep your home clean for potential viewers.


Spring is a great time to place your home for sale since it’s the start of the busy season. Professionals that you need during the process might be more readily available instead of in the summertime.

Buyers are more likely to purchase a home during this time. Everything is blooming making it the perfect time for real estate pictures.

If your home sells fast, you might have to take your children out of school. Parking can be tricky if neighbors have different spring events happening.

In some areas, the weather can still become cold and even snowy! It’s competitive during this time, you’ll have to compete with other homes that are up for sale.

The Fall

Mild temperatures, beautiful fall foliage, and other reasons make fall a beautiful time to sell. If you’re looking to sell fast, fall is still a great time.

Keep in mind that real estate traffic does slow down during this time. Most buyers can be found in late spring and early summer.

It’s also harder to keep curb appeal since you’ll be raking leaves every week.


During the wintertime, kids are off from school, and families are getting together for the holidays. It’s a slower time for houses that are up for sale.

Homes that are for sale during the winter months tend to sit for longer. January is one of the worst months to sell.

The good news is that those who are looking to buy in the winter months are serious about finding a home. If you’re looking to sell your home in the winter months, be open to negotiating the price.

You’ll have to worry about maintenance and working harder to keep your home’s exterior neat. Shovel snow, and keep driveways and paths clear.

Prices decrease during this time. The good news is that holiday decorations could attract potential buyers.

There’s less competition with sellers since most will sell their homes in the spring or summer.

Home Selling Tips

Pay attention to not just the seasons but the times of the year as well. Think about how long it’ll take you to get your home ready for potential buyers.

This includes outdoor landscaping as well. Speak with a real estate agent who can help you ensure that your home will attract buyers.

They can also get the word out about your home. Consider hiring a professional stager who can change up the look of your home for potential buyers.

When you are ready to do staging yourself, consider putting away personal items such as photographs. Sellers like to envision themselves in your home and any of your personal items will make that more difficult.

Consider your children’s schedules as well as your own to determine the best time. Remember that if you choose the time that more people will be searching for a home, it’s more competitive as well.

Exploring the Best Time of Year To Sell a House

After exploring this guide on the best time of year to sell a house, I hope that you have a better idea of when you should sell. Take your time speaking with a realtor and going over the numbers to decide on the right time.

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