When Did Luffy Use Gear 5?

Monkey D. Luffy is the base character of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece, and he sailed away for the Great Pirate Period to be the next Pirate Emperor. Luffy had become a rubber boy thanks to the wonders of a Devil Fruit identified as the Gomu Gomu no Mi and has become especially strong during his voyage. Luffy has improved his talents throughout time by developing what he refers to as “gears.” Luffy created his Gear Second and Gear Third during the Enies Lobby chapter. Luffy came up with the notion of Gear Fourth with numerous forms after the two-year time jump. According to Shonen Road, since all of these abilities were fantastic and allowed him to fight against one of the most formidable individuals on the seas, it was not until the Wano Country arc that he reached his pinnacle. Luffy ultimately delved into what is considered his greatest mutation of all times, having him at his pinnacle – Gear 5 – in the battle versus Kaido.

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Explaining Luffy’s Gear 5

Luffy’s whole gear system is built on the Devil Fruit’s stretchy qualities. Gear Second uses his stretchy physique to improve his muscular powers by increasing the heart rate quicker throughout his body. In Gear Third, he uses air to expand his flexible bones, giving him the muscles of a mammoth and allowing him to unleash deadly assaults. Luffy pushes things to another level in Gear Fourth by adding Haki and his Devil Fruit and combining both. Luffy can employ the strength of contraction and flexibility in a fight to carry off several of the most astonishing feats, such as soaring through to the air, by increasing rubber strain. On the other hand, Luffy does not employ any of his primary Devil Fruit skills in Gear 5. Gear 5 is based on a true story essence of Luffy’s Devil Fruit, the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika, with a genuine name. 

Luffy manages to sprout his Devil Fruit after first being defeated by Kaido for the 3rd season in the Wano Country storyline. His Devil Fruit was eventually sufficient to smash itself through the limitations and emerge from this. Because Luffy’s Devil Fruit is technically a Mythical Zoan rather than a Paramecia, it bestowed upon him an entirely new appearance, which he named Gear 5. Luffy takes on a fully white metamorphosis in this state, like the “Sun God” Nika. In this phase, Luffy’s brows are similar to Sanji’s. Equally significantly, in this stage, Luffy transforms into a “Warrior of Liberation,” as his physique acquires far more flexibility, and he can challenge with almost as much inventiveness as possible as per Shonen Road.

Luffy Uses Gear 5

Luffy demonstrated the power to convert anything he contacts into rubber during his fight with Kaido, allowing him to strike with further liberty. Luffy can transform Kaido into rubber and injure him from within. He could perhaps hurl his out of his throat by extending his hands from his eyes. Furthermore, knowing that he is a Yonko, Luffy converted Kaido into an aerobic activity, which is completely ludicrous. When Luffy was in Gear 5, it appeared that he might potentially convert abstract concepts into rubber, including such thunder. Luffy could grasp a lightning bolt and transform it into rubber after One Piece Chapter 1046. Despite Kaido’s immense strength, battle with such a creature is extremely tough. Luffy’s Gear 5 allows him to perform many of the most absurd acts in the novel, including expanding his hand as large as a whole island, as one would anticipate from a power dubbed “One Piece’s Greatest Outrageous Power.”

Luffy’s Peaks with Gear 5

Gear 5 is unquestionably Luffy at his most powerful. Luffy observed how his heart felt better after discovering this ability, and Zunesha explained to the audience that Luffy’s heart generates a rhythm described as the “Drums of Liberation.” This distinct pulse denotes Luffy at the pinnacle of his talents. When Luffy’s heart is pumping like a drum, he’s tapping into the Devil Fruit’s aroused capabilities. According to Gorosei, this indicates that Luffy’s rubber body is considerably harder and more rubber than before. Simultaneously, he strikes even more freely, rendering his Devil Fruit the most absurd power in the One Piece universe. 

Luffy gains a metamorphosis far more powerful than everything he’s ever experienced as a Mythical Zoan. He can only use the real capabilities of the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika, while he is in this state. Shonen Road mentions that Luffy’s rubber body is getting a great deal of flexibility once employed, and he strikes in a way that Kaido characterized as “totally out of a comic strip.” Luffy gets considerably more comical and can pass this cartoonish effect on to others. Viewers looked at this episode when Luffy battled Kaido, who grabbed him by the tail and thrashed him everywhere. At the same moment, he can perform unimaginable accomplishments such as flying so quickly that he trails fire traces after him.