When Are New Online Slots Released? Here Are 7 Easy Ways to Find Out

With the massive success that has been witnessed in this industry, it is not a surprise that developers are working hard to keep up with the competition, a thing that has also caused an upsurge in new slot releases.

Every year, some of the biggest slot makers release dozens of new products.

This provides players with lots of options, and a chance to enjoy the most recent slots, and their innovative features. It’s even more fun to play these games when you get to see cool bonus rounds as well as unique themes.

The only concern is that there are so many new online slots launched each year that it’s difficult to keep up with all of them. The good news is that there are several ways to keep track of the most popular and newest slot games. One small tip would be to also try platforms like Deluxe Casino Bonus, that make the whole process very easy.

Read on to know more about ways that you can rely on to learn on new slot releases:

Slots Developer’s Twitter Accounts

Twitter rose to prominence as a social media platform that allows users to express themselves in 140-character. The character limit has been lifted though, allowing slot developers to go into as much depth as they want with their new games.

What’s great about Twitter is that game developers can post a short message with a picture about their latest release(s). While scrolling through your feed, you can quickly check out their games.

Another advantage of using Twitter for slot news is how simple it is to “follow” updates from software companies.

Slots Companies YouTube Channels

It’s always nice to stay up to date on the latest slot games. Software companies, on the other hand, have an even improved way of showcasing their latest games thanks to YouTube.

Slot development companies can release 30- to 60-second previews that highlight the best features of their games. Such a preview, for example, could showcase not only the main game but a few special features as well.

This is useful when a company isn’t quite ready to release a slot but wants to alert the public of an upcoming product. It’s also a brilliant way for gamers to get ready for new games from their favourite production companies.

Slots Developers’ Websites

Do you have a particular slots’ developer that you love? Well, if this is the case, then you can always visit their website and see if there are any new additions there.

All the major online slots makers own an elaborate website, and on these sites, you can always get a news segment that is dedicated to announcing any new upcoming games, plus their release dates.

If you don’t have time to comb through busy social networking sites like Twitter, you can always hop directly on to the company’s site.

One of the best reasons why these sites are great is the fact that the developers are always kind to allow you to try the games for free!

A good example is Pragmatic Play: this developer puts all their online slots machines on their website. The best part is that you get easy access to the slot straight from your browser without the need to download any gaming software.

Press Releases and Google News

Several slots’ companies may offer a press release on their newest games. With these press releases, gamers get lots of info about the games, like the bonus features, theme, and other details touching on the new slots.

The only major disadvantage of these press releases is that they are not available on the front page of Buzzfeed or places like Yahoo. The only place that you are likely going to find them is in the Google News press releases.

Another advantage of looking for press releases is that you might be able to find exclusive bonuses from casinos and slot developers alike.

News from Affiliate Sites

The quickest way to get players interested in signing up with your casino is by telling them about the hottest games on the market, which they might not know about.

I may have mentioned how online casino affiliates take it upon themselves to provide press releases. However, you also find that the developers share the news about current slots directly on their websites.

The goal of an affiliate is to get people to sign up for casinos using their links. What perfect way to do this than to inform players about the most popular games?

Affiliates are often just as quick as game developers when it comes to providing slot news. In fact, affiliates are competing to see who can get the news out first.

The larger affiliate sites cover a variety of game developers and their most recent releases. This signifies that you can learn about new games from a range of software providers under one roof.

Slots Makers’ Facebook Pages

With over 2.2 billion active users, it’s no surprise that many slot creators have set up shop on the biggest social networking platform.

Microgaming, NetEnt, and Realtime Gaming are among the companies that frequently use Facebook to promote new releases and new slots. You can also search through a slots developer’s previous posts and their Photos segment to see screengrabs of other games.

Facebook, just as is the case with Twitter, allows for easy follow up for gamers across the world. Simply go to the website of the developer that you are interested in, and click the Follow button located at the top of the screen.

Sadly, Facebook modified the algorithm that is used to determine the suitable time when page followers can see the content. Following slot machine manufacturers, on the other hand, increases the likelihood that their posts will appear in your news feed.

You can also use this channel to like and/or comment on slot news. The latter is useful if you can’t keep your excitement about a particular slot to yourself and want to share your opinion.

Facebook, like YouTube and Twitter, has a search bar where you can look for more game developers. The only issue is that you can’t just do a generic search for slots because your outcomes will also include dozens of new social games.

Visit Online Casinos

Some other way of keeping up with the latest in internet slots is by visiting online casinos. And besides, this is where you first started the thrilling experience of playing slots for real money.

Simply go to the casino’s website/mobile app and check their games section. Many casinos have a “new games” section or something similar where you can look for the most recent slots.

This information is even available in some casinos’ news sections on their websites. This is particularly possible if online casinos have a blog.

One strategy that many people like to use is to use casino/slot aggregator websites like Deluxe Casino Bonus. They can help you find a suitable and trusted casino sites and slot games (check out the available free slot games). You’ll be also able to find information about various exclusive bonuses free demo games and spot easy opportunities to make money!


One of the most thrilling aspects of gaming is exploring various slots and playing them right off the bat. You can also keep up with the latest news by using the methods mentioned here.

Twitter is my personal favourite and as a subscribed user, I’m guaranteed of getting any new development as soon as they hit the market.

I also enjoy YouTube because of the unique layout it provides. I can watch video previews of all the latest or upcoming slots.