Follicular transplantation involves the harvesting of hair follicles from a section of your skin and transferring them to parts of the body that don’t have hair, or where the amount of hair that is present is thinner. This technique is more of a surgical procedure and experienced surgeons use micro punches to extract individual follicles and move them skillfully leaving no sign of extraction. Because of the surgery involved in it, you need to consult the best hair transplant in London for a great result. The follicular transplantation process provides you with hairs that look like natural hair.

Just like the SMP treatment which entails the use of three-pronged needles to place microdots in a balded area of your head, follicular transplantation is quickly becoming the preferred method of growing hair for most people.

How this type of hair transplant works

As your age advances, the ability of your hair to grow is hampered and it may reach a point where it will no longer grow. This is a process that is different for every person, and which takes place at different times. Some people start getting bald at the age of 20 while others experience that later in life.

Follicular transplantation works by replacing old follicles with new ones which are still capable of growing some hair. After the transplantation, these follicles get nourished by blood vessels and will start growing hair in areas of the body which initially didn’t have hair.

However, before you do follicular transplantation, here are 4 things that you should know.

1. Safety of the procedure

Follicular transplantation is generally considered to be a safe procedure. The side effects that have been reported are minor and fade away as days go by. For instance, some people experience some very tiny scars on the area where the follicles are extracted, and in some rare cases, infections can occur on the surface. Side effects that include excessive sensitivity, bruising and swelling may be experienced and fortunately, these are side effects that go away after just a few days.

2. Convenience

This procedure cannot be completed in one day, and it’s mostly done in convenient sessions of 2-4 hours that cover several days. However, if you organize with the surgeons, you can go for a mega session which could last for up to 12 hours. Follicle transplantation is an outpatient procedure, so after you have completed every session, you go home. After you have completed the follicle transplantation, your daily routine will not have to suffer too much. However, you will be advised to avoid immersing that area with water for the first week and also avoid exercise. You can go to work and engage in other daily routines without problems.

3. Effectiveness

After the hair is transplanted into a new area of your body, you will have to wait for three to four months before you experience hair growth. You can expect that the hair that has been transplanted will grow back and cover the surface in the manner which is intended.

4. How much does it cost?

The cost is quite high and you have to be prepared for it. You will have to pay between $4000 and $15000 per session. The exact amount depends on many factors which are unique to every person. Among the factors that determine the cost include how much hair is being transplanted and the experience that the surgeon has.