What you need to know about choosing baseball jerseys for your team

In choosing new baseball jerseys for your team, you want them to fit well and look great. There are a lot of factors that influence this, including cut, fabric, and design. Some cuts may seem similar to others and you may not know which fabric is best. You can use this guide to confidently choose and design the best baseball jerseys your team has ever worn by knowing these baseball jersey characteristics.

In baseball, players wear a wide variety of jerseys depending on the type of team they’re on. Recreational youth and adult teams typically wear t-shirts and two-button jerseys, whereas high school, collegiate, and professional teams usually wear full button jerseys. If you are not restricted by school board or league restrictions, then you have the choice.

  1. Raglan Full Button: This button-up shirt features raglan sleeves and a scoop tail.
  • Raglan 2 Button: This jersey features raglan-style sleeves, a scoop tail, and a two-button placket.
  • Game Tee:This jersey has a relaxed t-shirt fit with a straight hemmed bottom and set-in sleeves.
  • Set-In Sleeve Full Button: Similar to Raglan Full Button, but with set-in sleeves.This garment has a straight hemmed bottom, a self-fabric two-button placket, and set-in sleeves that can be buttoned or left open.This baseball jersey comes in a crew or V-neck style with a performance fit and set-in sleeves.

All of these cuts look great on and off the field, depending on the look you and your team are trying to achieve. If you would prefer a more traditional look, choose one of the button-downs. For those who prefer a more casual feel, the two-button jersey keeps that baseball feel but is more casual. In local hometown leagues, you may prefer the Throwback or Game Tee to break with tradition. Players can button or unbutton the buttons atop the shirt.

Your jersey’s fabric matters just as much as its cut when it comes to keeping your team dry and comfortable during games. It is true that you should choose a moisture-wicking fabric, but what kind? Hellomicki offers five types of fabrics that have their own benefits. Here are some of the fabrics commonly used in baseball jerseys:

  1. Flex Dry:Two-way stretch Flex Dry fabric is lightweight, very breathable, and moisture wicking. It is made up of 90% polyester and 10% spandex.
  • Dyna Dry: Dyna Dry is made of 100% polyester and is a flat-backed mock mesh that wicks moisture away well.
  • Durafiber: As a 100% polyester fabric, Durafiber is incredibly durable, yet breathable. It can effectively wick away moisture.
  • Dry Tec: A lightweight and pique moisture wicking fabric, Dry Tec has a smooth, flat face without any texture. Dry Tec is 100% polyester.
  • Aerofiber: With its lightweight fabric makeup, Aerofiber uses advanced methods. The Aerofiber fabric is made from 90% polyester and 10% spandex and has an open pinhole mesh design. If your team needs a fabric with a lot of stretch and moisture-wicking ability, this is it.

If you’d like more information about these fabrics, give us a call. All of these fabrics are good for baseball jerseys, but some may be better suited for your team than others. Give us a call if you would like more information about these fabrics.Fans of Michael Harris can also purchase Michael Harris Jersey here.

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