What You Need to Know About Air Systems Protectors

An air system protector is an automotive filter whose primary purpose is to prevent moisture, oil particles and aerosols from infiltrating a vehicle’s air brake controls. Preventing these contaminants is vital for retaining your system’s efficiency and longevity. Moreover, air system protectors maintain the truck’s brake system– a key feature in operational safety.

What is an air system protector?

Air system protectors (ASPs) are protective components widely adapted in European and American trucks. Over the last 20 years, European trucks have consistently included ASPs, while American manufacturers began moving toward disc brake systems with EBS controls within the previous decade. Additionally, Japanese trucks now commonly incorporate ASPs as part of the late-generation disc brake and system controls that replace traditional hydraulic wedge brake systems.

How the WABCO Air system protector operates

When there is moisture and aerosol contamination in the air brake system, they will affect the air brakes’ compression characteristics. Consequently, there will be less braking force available to stop the truck efficiently.

In addition, oil particles may damage a truck’s air brake system, thus shortening its operational lifespan and increasing the likelihood of breakdowns, roadside failures and unplanned downtime.

Compressed air passes into the WABCO air dryer from the compressor when there is a build-up of system pressure. As a result, this moisture-laden air gets forced through an air dryer cartridge containing a bed of desiccant that draws the moisture away. Next, the compressed air travels through a coalescing filter that forms the WABCO ASP’s second stage. This filter extracts oil and other contaminants.

Features of the WABCO Air System Protector

The WABCO air system protector presents such features as:

  • Moisture, aerosol and oil droplet elimination.
  • A 2-year recommended lifespan during which it maintains optimal performance.
  • Combined coalescent filter layer and conventional desiccant material at the bottom of the cartridge that eliminates all moisture and contaminants from the system.

WABCO ASP plus Gold Cartridge and WABCO ASP Silver Cartridge

  • WABCO ASP – Silver Cartridge

The WABCO ASP Silver Cartridge provides superior mechanical reliability and excellent drying performance using high-quality desiccant material. Additionally, its Coalescing Fleece Filter consistently removes oil aerosols. As a result, the Silver Cartridge significantly improves the protection of the braking system and compressed air.

  • WABCO ASP Plus – Gold Cartridge

The Gold Cartridge enhances air dryer performance even further using two desiccant materials. Moreover, it incorporates two Coalescing Fleece Filters positioned before and after the desiccant. This enhancement extends the system’s lifetime by up to 50 per cent with more advanced particle removal capabilities. Therefore, the Gold Cartridge is ideal for trucks with high air consumption.

  • Avoid counterfeit air dryer cartridges.

WABCO air dryer cartridges are indisputably premium quality truck components. Therefore, there are likely to be numerous imitations on offer. However, these copies are of lower quality. Thus opting to use them increases the likelihood of mechanical damage and subpar performance. They also pose a significant safety risk while on the road. A malfunctioning dryer will fail to keep the system moisture-free. As a result, water vapour will accumulate on the brake system callipers and air chambers, thus leading to rust, corrosion and compromised efficacy.

Therefore, to avoid the pitfalls of using lower-quality parts, it is best to seek out only genuine WABCO aftermarket parts for trucks you source from authorised dealers.