What Window Coverings Are Right For Your Home

When looking for some new blinds for your home, it can be hard to know what sort of blinds you need as there are so many varieties. You have roller blinds, venetian blinds, vertical blinds, roman blinds, day & night blinds, custom made blinds, and so on. With so many types of blinds to choose from, knowing which one will suit your needs can be a challenge.

So how can you find out what blinds you need in your home? We spoke to the blinds experts at DotcomBlinds to find out what blinds work best in each room of your home.

Living Room

The living room is the easiest room in the home to buy blinds for, there aren’t many environmental considerations you need to make, unless you have cats or young children which could play with the blinds, in which case you should opt for a simple blind like a roller blind to avoid the blind being damaged by curious cats and kiddies.

But as a general rule, in living rooms, the most important thing is personal taste when choosing window blinds. So when choosing blinds for you living room, it is best to make a decision based on which blinds you think would look good in the room.


In a bathroom, your choices for blinds get slimmed down a bit, bathrooms get really wet and steamy, which is great for having a shower, but bad for some blinds. The wet environment can cause fabric and wooden blinds to deteriorate, pick up mold and cause color fading.

So in your bathroom, you’ll need to pick a blind which isn’t made from fabric or wood. However, you still have the option of plastic or metal Venetian blinds which are water-resistant or a roller blind made with a plastic-based material like PVC rather than fabric, as PVC material is also water-resistant.

Home Office

For home offices, your choice of blinds opens back up, as there aren’t any environmental issues in an office you can choose what blinds you want based off your style and what blinds are visually appealing to you.

However, if your home office also doubles up as your spare room, you’ll want a blind that works for your office in daytime and that works during the night for your guests to sleep in. For blinds that work perfectly at daytime or night time, you’ll want either a double roller blind, which has a dimout layer for daytime and a blackout layer for night-time or a day & night blind.


In a kitchen, your choices are slightly restricted, kitchens are a messy room and food spills or water splashes are common in kitchens, but potentially damaging to some types of blinds, so it’s recommended that you avoid hard to clean blinds like venetians or fabric blinds which may stain easily.

What works best is PVC material blinds like roller or venetian blinds, as these PVC based materials are often made with ‘wipe clean’ technology, meaning that these blinds are hard to stain and can be easily cleaned with just a damp cloth, so either vertical blinds or roller blinds made with a PVC material are best for kitchens.


For bedroom settings, you should have one concern for your new roller blinds and that is their blackout power. Blackout blinds, will block out all the light from outside from leaking into your room, which helps create a better environment for sleeping in.

Lots of types of blinds can be made with blackout fabric, but it’s best to opt for a solid blind like a blackout roman blind or a blackout roller blind, as they will effectively cover the whole window, unlike vertical and venetian blinds, where light may still leak through gaps in the slats.