What Type of Phone Charger Cables Do I Need? 

Mobile phones are becoming ubiquitous today, and it’s impossible to imagine our life without smartphones. With the increasing development of smartphones, charger cables are becoming more diverse. Countless numbers and types of mobile phone charging cables have been sold accordingly. Since the charger cable is often used, you need a high-quality product. If you are constantly confused about what type of phone charger you need, keep reading. This short and handy guide will teach you everything you need to know about the various types of cables.


Different Types of Cell Phone Charging Cables

There are a number of different cables, each of which has various benefits and is used for a different task. Some are longer, while others have multiple connectors, enabling you to charge different devices with the same cable. Read the sections below to see and learn more about the various types of charger cables.

Mini-USB Charger

When smartphones were first released, the Mini-USB connector for manufacturers was the USB cable connector. This charger type is slightly taller than most modern charging standards and allows smaller devices to connect. Unfortunately, Mini-USB chargers have disappeared from the electronics field now. But you will find it on older models of multiple gadgets, like cameras and game controllers.

Micro-USB Cables

Micro USB is a portable version of the USB 2.0 standard. At one time, the Micro -USB cable was the industry standard, but it lost some popularity with the advent of USB-C. However, you might still find micro-USB ports on certain accessories like Bluetooth speakers, headphones, MP3 players and more. It is rectangular, with beveled upper corners, which means there is only one way to plug it in. You may ruin the cable or the device if inserted upside down or backward.

USB Type A

The USB Type-A is one of the most familiar and widely used connector types. It’s rectangular, with the bottom part comprising the pin connectors. You can connect smartphones, cameras, keyboards, and more to transfer data or plug into wall chargers to charge these gadgets with a Type-A port. You need to ensure that the cable is inserted correctly so as not to damage the cable or device.

USB Type B

The USB Type-B port is the most squarish of all USB ports, with an angle on two adjacent corners. It tends to present on large peripheral devices like printers, scanners and external storage devices. These cables have a distinctive square shape with slant corners. However you might still find a USB Type-B port on some devices, but it’s becoming rare as the size of the device decreases.


USB Type C

USB Type-C usually abbreviates Type-C, is the latest generation of charging cable. This is because it has considerable advantages over other types. Type-C features fast transmission speed and a high power flow, allowing your phone to charge more quickly. On the more practical side, both sides of the charging port are flat and can be plugged in with positive and negative insertion. Therefore, there is no risk of damage to the device by inserting the cable incorrectly. At present, USB Type-C is the charger connector that manufacturers will rush to include on their devices. Many brands, like Huawei etc., make Type-C their default phone charger type. If you want to have a Type-C smartphone in Malaysia, you can choose Huawei Mate 50 which also has a fast charging. And now the huawei mate 50 price in malaysia is affordable for most of the people. You can get one right now with no regret!

Final Thoughts

Above are some of the common mobile phone chargers available in the market today. When choosing a cable, consider your actual needs to select a product that fulfills your expectations. The cables impact how quickly the battery will be fully charged. The right cable for your smartphone is essential for a safe and quick charging taste. Technically speaking, the double-braided nylon cables are much more resistant and will last longer, even if they may be pricier. However, opting for the right, high-quality charging cables will be a one-time investment.