It’s been a long couple of days, and you’re finally about to go home. You’ve got your baby, the car seat, and all of your other belongings packed up in the hospital bag. And then there is that one question – what am I going to wear? It seems like such an easy answer at first: maternity clothes!

But now that you’re on this side of things, it doesn’t seem so clear-cut. So we’ve put together some must-know tips for what to wear after a c-section.

Flowing Dresses

After a c-section, you want to be comfortable, especially when it comes to finding clothes that will not only fit but also won’t get in the way of your wound. This means skirts are out unless they’re super long and you feel like hiding both by sitting and standing.

But dresses are an option. If you do not have gowns, you can wear loose tank tops as long as they hide the incision site. However, make sure you have a robe or cardigan with you so that you’re covered up when visitors show up.

If you are using or planning to use a breast pump, be sure to wear clothes that accommodate your equipment. This usually entails some open-top on your clothing, either in the form of a v-neck or simply an open shirt. You might even want to look into something special like a breastfeeding dress.

Loose pants and Leggings

In the days after your C-section, you’ll want to make sure that your pants are loose. This will help with pain and discomfort and allow for air circulation, which is very important in cesarean section recovery.

Think about loose yoga pants or leggings, especially ones made of natural fibers that will be more comfortable in the days after a cesarean. You can also wear your best high waisted leggings for extreme comfort.

Fitness Apparel

Another excellent option for cesarean section recovery: exercise wear! If you are looking to get some physical activity in the days after delivery, consider something like yoga pants or even explicitly designed fitness tights. This way, you’ll be comfortable and can focus on your exercise without worrying about the discomfort that comes with tight clothing.

You should also consider where you will be doing these exercises; if it’s outdoors or in a public place, be sure to wear something loose-fitting so that no one has to see your incision.


As with any other kind of clothing, it’s best to stick with undergarments that are not too tight after a c-section. Bras should be soft and flexible; sports bras work well if you plan on going jogging or doing some other physical activity in the days after delivery.

But you should make sure you wear something on top of them so nobody will be able to see your bandage. If you don’t plan on wearing any athletic clothing, consider buying some special bras that are just for recovery; they’re often designed with extra support and comfort in mind.You can also opt for a bralette, since these give support to your breast without a steel or plastic band that may hurt you. There are many sites online that offer high quality bralettes for all sizes, such as EBY.

Whether you’re planning to wear a bra or not, it’s best practice to keep your healing incision protected by wearing something loose over top of it. This doesn’t mean that you have to go around with layers upon layers of clothing, though – be sure that whatever you put on can cover your bandage and is loose enough to give you comfort. This means shirts with open sleeves or even sweaters will do the trick.


Some women prefer not to wear regular underwear, or at least not the same kind they used before. If you wear a c-section incision support belt, you do not have to wear underwear, especially if you feel like it irritates your wound.

Instead of going without, though, why not try something unique like maternity lingerie? These are often more comfortable than regular undies, and you can find a wide range of items that will fit your new shape perfectly. This is especially true if you’re in the early stages of recovery, as it will help with both pain and discomfort.

Many women opt to use maternity panties after their abdominal surgery – they are super comfortable and can make a world of difference.

Dressing After C-Section

If you have a c-section, this post will give you some helpful tips on what to wear. For starters, loose clothing that is not too tight and undergarments that are not too tight. You should also avoid wearing shirts with tight sleeves or anything that would constrict the abdominal area. Beyond those guidelines, it’s really up to your personal preference!