I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about what to pack in a pregnancy hospital bag. I’ve been through this a few times, and I have gotten a better system for packing a hospital bag. Few people asked me for a list, so I thought I’d share my must-pack items for a hospital bag to help moms out there, especially the new moms to organize everything before their due date.

What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag For Baby 2021

Around 35 – 36 weeks of pregnancy is already the right time to prepare for your labor and delivery. Babies can come out earlier or later. When you suddenly go into labor and start to have real contractions, that is the start of experiencing the pain, and you may feel scared and might get panicked because you may think the baby can come out any time soon. During this situation, you want to be calm and have peace of mind, but you want to rush to the hospital already. But also you don’t want to forget to bring the essential things for childbirth. You may have prepared the hospital bag already at your door, but you’re unsure if you get everything packed.

The preparation of a pregnancy hospital bag is a crucial aspect of childbirth. You need to have things that are needed for your admission and the items you will use during your stay at the hospital. But some parents are not sure if the items they pack are the ones that are used during childbirth. We give you a list of essentials so you can systematically prepare what to pack in hospital bag for baby, mom, and father.

A travel pillow

You can’t pack a pillow in your hospital bag. A travel pillow can be attached to the pregnancy hospital bag, so it is easy to grab when you’re in a hurry going to the hospital.Some moms need an extra pillow to reduce the labor pain. It is better to bring your pillow for convenience and comfort.

A robe or sleepwear

A robe is very functional during postpartum. When it is very inconvenient and exhausting to change to new clothes after delivery of your baby, and you have visitors, you can wear a robe instead of using your remaining energy in dressing up. You can bring your cozy and functional robe specifically for childbirth that is available in the market.

A pair of slippers for walking around the hospital

When you are in long labor, your physician would advise you to walk around. Bring your pair of slippers to prevent yourself from getting cold. And it also gives comfort using your own slippers rather than using the ones provided.

A toiletry kit

The exhaustion you feel during labor when you have to endure all the contraction pains and the energy you use to push your baby out during delivery. Self-care is a must after all of those tiresome events. Your toilet kit could include your make-up, face wash, and other self-care items.

Slippers for dad

Your partner supports you during labor. He also needs to bring his essentials because you can have a long labor. One of his essentials is a pair of slippers because he will accompany you while walking around the hospital.

Personal items like medication, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant

The hospital may provide some essentials, but you may prefer bringing your items and using the brand you are familiar with. Most people find it more comfortable using their items than the items from the hospital. If you are wearing eyeglasses, don’t forget to bring them with you and contact lenses. Do not forget to bring your gadgets like cell phones, music players to entertain you during labor.

Bonus Tip

It is also important to choose the right pregnancy hospital bag. Because you have many items to pack in your hospital bag, choose a functional pregnancy hospital bag for baby, mom, and dad. The bags should have many compartments so it is easy to organize the items and you are able to find them easily. Having a big space is also important to fit all the clothes and items in the bag. Choose an easy-to-carry model so when in a rush going to the car you can carry more than one bag.


Childbirth is one of the most nerve-racking and exhausting events in our life. We want everything to go smoothly and organized because we don’t want to add frustration to the exhaustion we are experiencing during this time. We want that day to be the most joyous in our life because of our newborn. Packing the essentials in your hospital bag is the key to having smooth labor and delivery.