What to Look For In a Bean Bag Chair

Bean bag chairs come in various styles, materials, shapes, or designs. Choosing the right one can be overwhelming and time-consuming, especially with several in the market. Before deciding on a specific chair, carefully review the following tips: 

Consider the Fabric of the Bean Bag

People often forget about the materials on which chairs are made of. Instead, they give their complete focus to the design and the outside appearance of the chair. With different bean bag chairs in the market, one must pay attention to the fabric. 

Some chairs are made of artificial leather, preferred by those individuals with pets for their ease of cleaning. Another commonly used fabric is vinyl which is easy to clean. However, most people don’t prefer chairs made of vinyl because they are sticky. Better still, animal hairs don’t stick on leather bean bags. 

So, while choosing a vinyl-made bean bag chair, ensure its cover is made of lead-less vinyl inks to eliminate stickiness.  The fabric of bean bags can also be made of cotton, micro-fiber, or fun fur. Therefore, check on the quality of the material used and go for the highest quality.

Confirm If the Bean Bag Has a Removable and Washable Cover  

Generally, when choosing the best bean bag, consider the cleaning and safety properties. How easy would it be to clean? Buying a non-removable cover would limit the life span of the chair as it reduces cleaning and maintenance possibilities. Go for a linear bean bag chair with a removable cover to save money and time. This would make it easy to remove and wash the body periodically. 


A bean bag chair is placed and used can help determine the chair’s longevity. For instance, using a bean bag chair in the bedroom would mean minor tear and wear compared to when placed in the sitting room.

Whether the chair is to be placed or used around the swimming pool, outside on the patio, ensure to choose the kind of fabric that would withstand the tear and wear associated with the place and function it would serve. If it’s to be used outside, choose a high-quality and durable bean bag chair like polyester that is resistant to water and does not absorb any liquids.

Size and Shape

Bean bag chairs don’t only come in round shapes. Currently, there are chairs of various sizes, shapes, or designs. So, choose a size and shape that best suits the allocated place. Even better, have the measurements of the room and phone the company with the exact size preferred. 

Also related to size and shape is the comfort level. So, one has to choose a chair that matches the functionality and the position they desire or support their bodies. 

Check If the Bean Bag Chair Come With a Warranty

There are some chairs without warranties. But check and find out if there is a warranty for the bean bag chair before purchasing it. A warranty ensures the manufacturers’ support and stands behind the quality of their items.