What to Know About Preventing Waste at Your Small Business

A business experiences higher productivity, better profitability, and improved service levels by preventing waste. Additionally, preventing waste is critical for business success because it saves money, reduces stress, and protects the environment while providing greater employee satisfaction. You can start today with simple changes that don’t require hiring expensive consultants. Learn some basics here. Also, you can prefer the GSH Waste Recycling thatĀ helps to reduce the need for landfill and more costly forms of disposal.

  1. Check for Recyclables

Not only does recycling help reduce the amount of material going to landfills, but it also helps save money and energy. There are several recycling programs at businesses, including paper, glass, cans, cardboard, plastic, electronics, metal, and even some clothing items. If you aren’t familiar with what is eligible for recycling, ask your manager or call a company specializing in recycling for commercial properties.

Reward programs can help incentivize employees to recycle and reuse materials. You may issue rewards to employees if they recycle a specific material at regular intervals or when they complete a particular product category. Recycling should be a company-wide effort. 

  1. Conserve Electricity

Since electricity costs money, many people try to conserve this precious resource. Many businesses turn off lights while not in use. Turning off lights can save hundreds of dollars per year. Also, think about powering appliances only during use, especially air conditioners.

A cool environment inside buildings helps prevent power demand from skyrocketing and saves money. Remember to check with your utility company to ensure that turning off lights and appliances won’t cause problems because they might need specific amounts of electricity during peak hours. Also, try using lighting that consumes less electricity. Fluorescent bulbs last longer than incandescent bulbs but still consume less electricity.

The best tip for conserving electricity and reducing energy consumption is to add insulation to your attic space and ceiling. Insulating your home can lower heating and cooling bills by 10%-25%.

  1. Reduce Paper Usage

One way to prevent wasting paper is to switch to electronic forms where possible. You can create documents online and save them to your computer or use cloud storage services that allow you to access files from anywhere using any device. If you need to print something out, ask a coworker if they would mind printing it off instead of sending it to the printer. Many businesses have moved away from paper and now use electronic invoices, receipts, and purchase orders.

  1. Reuse Equipment

Instead of throwing out old equipment, consider selling it to someone else. If you have extra office space, sell your unused desks and chairs to others to reuse. Sell old computers or electronics to local pawn shops, or donate them to schools and charities. In addition, many people are looking to buy second-hand equipment, especially for creative industries.

  1. Use Less Water

You can save valuable time and money using less water if you’re a small business. One way to accomplish this is simply installing low-flow shower heads or faucets. These fixtures use up to 50% less water than standard shower heads

  1. Keep an Updated Inventory

Keep track of everything that goes into and comes out of your business. A spreadsheet is ideal for this purpose. Note how much water, electricity, and gas go into your facility. In addition, keep notes of each ingredient you add to your processes. This way, you can easily monitor your profits and losses and adjust accordingly. Remember that no two businesses are alike; hence customize your spreadsheet according to your business model.

Go Clean and Green with Waste Management Services

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