Your health is an asset that you would never want to lose. You look forward to ensuring that your health is in the best shape. Of course, no matter you are a male or a female, there are always timely actions that may help you avoid serious health conditions. These days dengue is spreading, and you should not dodge it. Many people experience no signs or symptoms of this infection. The point is if you feel feverish and not well, it is better if you take up a dengue test at home and ensure that you are healthy and sound. Even if the test shows any signs of Dengue, you must speak with the doctor right away.

The unfortunate part is that once symptoms of dengue do emerge, they people may mistakenly take them for other ailments like the flu and generally start four to ten days after you got bitten by an infected mosquito. There are many signs of this condition and some of these are like:


Swollen glands



Muscle, bone or joint pain


Pain behind the eyes

Most of the individuals experiencing this condition recover within a week or so. But in some cases, people experience extreme health conditions. Hence, it is important to get full body check at home and ensure that you are healthy and safe.