What to do when you’re stranded with a flat tire?

Going adventures is fun as we are exposed to the diverse environment we have. Strolling around cities and provinces surely takes the stress out of our lives. However, when the day was about to get better, suddenly there was a sound from one of the corners of your car. You got out of your car to check where that sound came from, only to find out that you have a flat tire.

Probably your day is now ruined and feeling stressed as you are kilometers away from the repair shop. According to carcody.com, it must be because of the poor quality of your tire. Let us say that you are unprepared for this event, what should you do?

Common Reasons why there is a Flat Tire

Have you ever wondered why you are experiencing flat tires? May it be common or occasionally, it’s an inconvenience especially if you have an urgent agenda. In this section, let us understand why our car tires go flat. Once we have prior knowledge, maybe we will be able to avoid it to keep it from happening in the future.

Sharp Objects

The most common reason why tires go flat is because of sharp objects. These objects may be sharp rocks from the road, pieces of glass, nails, staples, screws, or other sharp debris on the road. To avoid getting your tires punctured, it is important to drive carefully around construction roads and rocky roads. It is also recommended to pay attention to the road to avoid driving through sharp objects.

Poor Road Conditions

There are roads that are not in a good condition. Some have potholes, uneven roads, and contain sharp objects and debris along the way. This is one of the most common reasons why drivers avoid going through roads that have poor maintenance and bad condition. It is better to take alternative roads to avoid getting your tires flat or to slow down in driving.

Wear and Tear

Normally, tires go through a wear and tear process as over time the treads on the tires wear down and be susceptible to tearing. This process is natural and inevitably caused by time. However, there are ways to minimize it by driving cautiously and responsibly. It is better to follow the recommended tire pressure, getting the tires regularly, and avoiding reckless driving.

Improper Inflation

There are times that the proper tire pressure is not followed. By this, it can cause internal damage to the tire and might lead to severe injuries on the road. It is important to check the tire pressure level and avoid exceeding the recommended level to avoid such accidents

Things to do when your tire is flat

Let us say you’re driving along a highway when suddenly you hear a vibration or thump, and suddenly a flapping noise. You stopped on the side to check the problem and you saw one of your tires is flat. Probably you will panic as you have an appointment very soon, or you feel scared as you are in the middle of nowhere. Here is a list of what you can do:

  1. Calm Down
  • First and foremost, you need to settle your anger to avoid making the situation worse. Kicking your car or the tires won’t fix your flat tire, it can also inflict damage to the car and hurt you, so it is not recommended to do so. It is better to check for other complications to know what to fix.
  1. Change the Tire
  • If you are a person that likes to prepare for such events, take out your tool box and spare tire to change it right away. Some people know how to replace it, and if you are one of the majority that does not know how to do it, there are multiple video tutorials you can find online that will help you out in the situation.
  1. Call a Friend
  • If you are one of the minority that does not know how to replace a tire, then it is best to call a friend to ask for help. It can be your bestfriend or a family member that you know that will help you fix your flat tire. It will also save you money rather than calling for a roadside assistance company.
  1. Call Roadside Assistance Company
  • Let’s say that you do not have any friends or relatives that can help you in this problem, or in case it happened during midnight or too far away from their location, then it is recommended to phone a roadside assistance company. They are emergency companies that will help you resolve your problem 24/7. But of course, they require some fee in doing so.
  1. Call Insurance Company
  • If you have insurance in an automobile company, then this is one of the few options you might try. Some of these companies offer or provide emergency roadside assistance to their members and you do not have to pay for any fees (as it is part of the insurance). If, unfortunately, they do not have that service, they will recommend another company that will resolve your dilemma.
  1. Prepare for such Emergency
  • Let us say that you got out of that annoying and troublesome situation, it is best to prepare tools and a spare tire for future use. It is better to be ready for such incidents to avoid inconvenience. Furthermore, it will not only be beneficial for a flat tire problem, but also help you in resolving other car issues. Prevention is indeed better than cure.


Stranded on the roadside with a flat tire is an unfortunate event for all of us. Being delayed for an appointment or occasion is inconvenient. But in order to get out of that situation, it is best to know these six steps to apply whenever you are experiencing such misfortune. 

Furthermore, always ensure that you pay attention to the road carefully and prepare for accidents and emergencies for your safety. A car insurance company won’t ensure your life after all. Nevertheless, always drive safe and be ready for any incidents you might encounter and experience on the road.