What to do in Cancun

Frombathing in crystalclearwaterstovisiting a nightclubtoenjoy, Cancunbelongstothemostparadisiacal places aroundtheworld, beingrelatedto memorable vacations and the top places toenjoy, thissitecould be visitedfromanywhere in theworldwithitsvastdiversity of flights in Cancunairport.

Cancun has manyplansforyou and yourenjoyment, here are 10 thingsyoumust do or places youmustgotoifyougotoCancun.

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Whatto do in Cancun

Cancunisone of themostimportanttouristdestinations in Mexico and isanexcellent place tovacationregardless of whetheryougowithyourfamily, yourfriends, yourpartneroralone.

Itis a citytoenjoy!  Surelythelastthingyouwant, afterlonghours of flight, istodelayyourvisittothebeautifulCaribbeanbeaches and forthisreason, werecommendthatyoubook a privateCancunairport transfer a weekbeforeyoutakeyourflight.


TheCancunairport as suchisnotclosetothe hotel zoneorthedowntownarea of ​​thecity and muchlesstootherdestinationsthatmake up the Riviera Maya, such as Playa del Carmen or Tulum.

 And believeuswhenwetellyouthatthey are notveryclose;  Therefore, youwillneed a private transfer Cancunto Tulumifyou are staying in Tulum ora Cancunairporttransportationto Playa del Carmenifyou are staying in Playa del Carmen.

Nowwithoutfurtherado, we are goingtoknowthe 10 bestthingsto do, see and know in thecity of Cancun and of course, someclosetothem.

Coco Bongo

Itbelongstothemostfamousentertainment places in Cancun, evenwiththe new limitationsduetothe coronavirus itisstillone of themostrecommended places togoto, a nightclubthatalsoserves as a restaurant, so youwillhavethe chance toenjoythe place, itsfood and a huge show, plus livemusicbycertainDJs.

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Thereyouwillfindfeaturesabouttheworld, thewater, theecosystem of theYucatanPeninsula and alsoabouttheinteresting Mayan culture, this tour in Cancun’s planetarium takesabout 2 hours, wesuggestyoutogoearly in themorningtoavoidwaiting in line!

Malecón and Plaza Malecón Américas

 Plaza MaleconAmericasis a new supermarket in the interior of Cancun, it has differentinstantfood places, restaurants, movietheaters and storesforanykind of taste inside. Aftergoingtothesupermarketyou can visitthebeautiful and sunnyMalecon, whichisjust at theexit, youwill be abletowalk and watchthesunset.

Market 28

TypicalMexicanfoodmarket, theyalsospecialize in the superior seafood of thearea, althoughtheyprobablyofferthesameplurality of products as in the hotel area (or quite similar) theonlydifferenceisthatyouwillhavethepossibility of findingmuch more economicalcoststhatwill be abletobetteradapttoyourbudget.

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 Ventura Park

Knownforbeing a waterparkthatentertainsanyone, withallkinds of creative and spectacularattractions, althoughnowadaystheynotonlyhandleattractionsthathaveto do withwater, nowtheyalsohave virtual realityspaces and evengo-cartraces.

North Dialogo Fountainor Ceviche Roundabout

Itis a beautiful place tostarttouringCancun and itssurroundings, thissite has a fundamental historybecausesome of theleaders of theworldmet in thisregion, todayitis a tourist center.


Xcaretisone of themain natural, archeological and themeparksthat has been in thecityformanyyears.

A parkthatgrew and evolvedwiththistouristdestinationbecoming a reference and mainattraction in the Riviera Maya.

As such, itislocatedontheoutskirts of Playa del Carmen (onehour and 20 minutes fromCancun) and without a doubt, it has to be onyourlist of the top 10 thingsto do and see in Cancun.

Cómo llegar | Parque Xcaret Sitio Oficial

Xel Ha

Xel Ha Natural Park ispart of theXcaretfamily and isundoubtedly a perfect place forlovers of rivers, caverns, nature, reefs and the sea.

This natural parkislocated 10 minutes fromtheentrance of Tulum and 1 hour and 40 minutes fromCancun. Butitisreallyworththetrip and visitthis place, whereyouwillnotgettired of swimming and swimming.


Xploristhethirdpark of theXcaretgroupfamilythatyouhavetovisit and unliketheothertwomentionedabove. 

Xploris a true odyssey: Itisanadventurepark, whereyouwillenjoythe Mayan junglelikeneverbefore.

Chichen Itzá

Chichen Itzaisone of the new wonders of themodernworld and thesecondmostvisitedarchaeologicalsite in Mexico. Itisanamazing place, wheremagic, history, culture and mysticismwilltakeyouon a journeyintothepast of theancientworld.

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As you can see; thecity of Cancun has manythingsto do and of course, allthisiscomplementedbytheproximitytothe Riviera Maya, wherenearbycitieslike Isla Mujeres, Playa del Carmen and Tulum addtothelist of thingsto do, see and know.