What to Consider When Purchasing a Rolex

Purchasing a Rolex wristwatch is a dream for many people. Even if you have owned a luxury watch before and are now switching to one of the biggest names in watchmaking, there is something about a Rolex that marks this particular Swiss brand out from the rest of the pack. If you’d like the experience to be as good as you think it ought to be when buying a Rolex, then here are a few considerations to keep in mind.

There’s a Waiting List

If you want to buy a brand new Rolex this year, then you will have had to put your name on the official waiting list at least a couple of years ago. Typically, buyers of Rolex watches will have to wait somewhere between two and four years these days. Of course, the fact that there is a dearth in production at the moment means that Rolexes are often even more desirable in many people’s eyes. However, there are other options worth weighing up.

Unworn Watches Make Good Investments

There is a significant after-market for Rolexes in the UK for previously owned but never before worn watches. Therefore, if you’d like a Rolex that is basically as good as a brand new one that you can buy without going through the rigmarole of pre-registering your intent, then you can. According to Bonds of Brentwood, most unworn but second-hand Rolexes that come onto the market have been bought by investors so they will be in mint condition and indistinguishable from brand new models.

Pre-Worn Rolexes Are Good to Wear

Unless you intend on locking your Rolex away and actually want to wear it, a pre-worn second-hand Rolex makes the most sense. After all, if you will wear your Rolex out, then it will inevitably show the signs of minor wear over time. If so, why not buy a Rolex that is already in this sort of condition? This way, any minor scuffs on the watch you create while wearing it will not adversely affect its value. In addition, there are some beautiful examples of classic Rolex models that are pre-owned and pre-worn that you simply cannot find in other markets.

Keep the Paperwork and Box in Good Condition

Whichever market you go to for your Rolex purchase, you should keep the receipt and all of the previous owners’ receipts – if there are any – to prove ownership and provenance. To investors and collectors, the box’s condition will be almost as important as the watch itself. As such, you should take care of it so that it is part of the sale if you ever decide to part company with your watch.

Upgrade Your Contents Insurance

Finally, owning a luxury watch – especially a Rolex – will mean your home’s contents insurance probably needs to be upgraded. The value of the watch might not be fully covered. Indeed, some policies will require you to inform the insurer of specific classes of luxury goods, such as jewellery, Rolexes and so on.