What should I look for in a fountain pen?

It’s critical to know how to select a fountain pen that checks all of your boxes because they are a classy, classic writing instrument that can last a lifetime. Discovering the perfect fountain pen for you might mean finding a lifelong mate, and owning and using one can be enjoyable. Although choosing a fountain pen might initially seem like a difficult undertaking, we hope our detailed guide will assist you in making the best choice.

When you are looking to buy a fountain pen for yourself or a loved one, you will come across many options and brands that might confuse you while deciding. It is always a best practice to read customer reviews and check ratings for a product before purchasing it, but you should be aware of the components that make a fountain pen excellent quality. 

Things to look for in a fountain pen

Do you know why some of the most famous fountain pens in the world are pricey? And why do people want to buy them despite their high prices? When it comes to fountain pens, quality means everything. A good quality fountain pen will last you for decades. It will be a statement every time you pull it out, and you can pass it on to your coming generation. 

Selecting a nib

When purchasing a fountain pen, the nib is one of the first aspects you should take into account. You must choose your preferred nib material and thickness. Because the industry has not established a standard for pen nib thickness, there may be some variation in brand quality. On the other hand, the majority of fountain pens are shipped from the factory with a medium-grade nib, which is generally regarded as the perfect thickness. These fountain pen styles are typically simple to locate, whether you find a little thinner nib more aesthetically attractive or a broad nib better suits your style. A Japanese pen is probably not for you if you want a thick, extra-broad nib, and the opposite is also true. As a general guideline, use a wide or medium nib for writing that is large in size and a fine or extra-fine nib for writing that is small. If italic alternatives are what you like, many brands provide them. However, if the pen you truly like doesn’t have an italic option, many brands offer to make a custom nib for it. The majority of fountain pen designs either feature steel or a gold nib when it comes to the composition of the pen nib. Even though steel nibs are sometimes cheaper, they are nonetheless of high quality. You will have a pleasant and fluid writing experience with premium fountain pen models that include steel nibs.

Fountain pen size

If you are someone who tends to write often, you have to make sure that the fountain pen you buy feels comfortable in your hands. There is no ideal pen size; nevertheless, those with big hands may find it difficult to handle a little pen. A smaller fountain pen style could feel awkward in your hands and make it difficult for you to write smoothly. Similarly, if you have smaller hands, using a bigger fountain pen model could be challenging. It is advised that you experiment with the various pen sizes you already own to find the one that feels best to you. Similar to this, you should consider the pen’s weight when purchasing a fountain pen. A hefty fountain pen could feel unpleasant if you prefer to write for extended stretches of time without stopping. A fountain pen that is excessively light, nevertheless, could not feel natural in your palm or suit your writing style.

Cartridges and filling mechanism 

Fountain pens can either be filled manually or with the aid of a converter. To draw ink via the nib, you need a converter. While many businesses utilize their own proprietary standard for cartridges and converters, several brands adhere to an international norm. Choose a piston or vacuum-filler pen instead of a cartridge or converter pen if you need to write for particularly long stretches between refills because they retain a lot more ink. Many individuals enjoy the idea of frequently switching the color of their ink; therefore, cartridge or converter types are probably the ideals if this describes you.

Cost of the fountain pen

The wide range of pricing for fountain pens can be attributed to the fact that they are a classic and well-loved writing instrument. Therefore, you must consider your budget when purchasing a fountain pen. There are fountain pen types available that are less expensive and yet provide a fantastic writing experience. These are particularly ideal for individuals who are new to fountain pens. On the opposite end of the range, you may discover really expensive, exquisitely made, and sumptuous fountain pens that would make a remarkable milestone present, especially for any enthusiastic writer.

Personal style

When purchasing a fountain pen, like with other things in life, you should consider your particular tastes. Test out many models to see which one best suits your writing style. Additionally, you should opt for a fountain pen that complements your style and looks amazing. Many fountain pen types come in traditional colors and provide a genuinely classic appearance. You should consider the recipient’s personality and preferences when selecting a fountain pen as a gift.

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