Advice for Exiles: What New Path of Exile Players Should Know

Path of Exile is one of the games that are easy to pick up but are hard to master. It’s one of the reasons why the game has a constant stream of new players. Some of them, however, seem to struggle eventually. If you’re one of those players, here are a few things you need to know about Path of Exile. This way, you can play it better and spend PoE Currency only when you have to.

Flawed First Flight

While it’s natural for players to not get things right the first time in whatever game they’re playing, there are also other titles that are more forgiving. Path of Exile, however, is not one of those games. It teaches newbies how to play the game, but it doesn’t tell you much about its finer and deeper points.

As such, don’t expect to get things right with your first ever character. Heck, you should even expect that you’re going to mess it up pretty badly. And that’s okay; after all, Path of Exile is all about experimenting on all sorts of builds, which means you’ll be making new ones over and over again.

If you have much experience in other hack-and-slash top-down RPGs and somehow do pretty well the first time around, then good for you. If not, that’s perfectly okay as well – just think of it as your first mistake out of many.

The Climb

In line with the previous point, the learning curve for the game is steep. It doesn’t apply on just character builds (although that is a huge part of it), but also in other things such as enemy movement, positioning, interaction of various passive skills and item modifiers, and so much more.

But don’t worry, you have more than enough time in the world to learn all those. Just keep at it and you’ll pick up the knowledge and skills you need naturally. Plus, don’t get too pressured; even long-time players learn something new from time to time.

Experience Isn’t the Best Teacher

Another thing you need to keep in mind is thatin other titles in the subgenre may not always prove to be helpful. This is especially true with Diablo II and III veterans. We’re not saying that experience in previous roleplaying games is worthless. Rather, we’re saying that it’s not something you can completely rely on with certainty.

While the exile classes follow traditional archetypes found in the usual roleplaying conventions, the skill systems – both the passive skill tree and the skill gems – give them completely different dimensions compared to how similar classes work in other games.

It’s The Economy

Another thing new players will have to deal with is the fact that the game’s player-driven economy is completely reliant on orbs. Since the currency in the game is not a numerical value, there isn’t a standard on the price of items. Instead, items are simply valued depending on two factors: rarity and viability.

If an item is rare but not considered usable by any of the popular builds, then it is not worth anything. Likewise, if an item is a must-have for meta builds but is easily obtainable, then it will not be worth much either.

20,000 Leagues Under Wraeclast

When you’ve already grown enough experience and have made a solid build with great gear, then it’s time to move to the leagues. Leagues are game worlds where there are more content, but at the same time are locked out from other game worlds, or rather, leagues. For example, entering your character in a seasonal league will lock it out of standard league. The character will then stay there until the league ends.

The items obtained by the character during the league, including currency such as Exalted Orbs, will be carried over to the standard league, making it more powerful than ever. Unfortunately, you can’t bring that character to the next league. Instead; you’ll have to make a new character, then the cycle continues once the next league ends. As for your old character, all you can do is play around with it. Act like you’re some powerful exile that crushes the evils in Wraeclast.

Like what’s been previously said, Path of Exile is all about making characters over and over again. If you’re not ready to keep starting from scratch every single time, then perhaps Path of Exile is not the game for you.

Path of Exile isn’t for everyone. But for those that are more than willing to embrace the game’s quirks will definitely find Wraeclast home. Hopefully, these tips help them adjust to this hostile yet enjoyably challenging environment.