What Online Activities Can You Enjoy With Friends?

With many of us still practicing social distancing, the internet provides plenty of opportunities for staying connected with friends. Hanging out online can be a great way to spend time with your friends remotely, from group chat or video calls to introducing games and other online activities. 

To get started, why not organize a virtual movie night? Simply choose one platform between you, and then everyone can watch the same film or TV show at the same time either through streaming services or shared files, then discuss the show together on another call afterward. 

Alternatively, for something more interactive, why not play an online game such as poker which allows up to four players in a game room and is available on PCs, tablets, and smartphones? Or if you fancy something more creative, you might want to consider collaborating on a creative project, such as creating music together using various platforms like Splice or Soundtrap. Whatever you decide, hanging out online with friends can still be fun and rewarding even when you stay home alone.

Share Virtual Stories

With so many of us spending an increased amount of time online, and it can be difficult to find ways to stay connected when the physical connection is hampered. Fortunately, there are lots of creative solutions to make virtual connections as meaningful as in-person ones. One such solution is exchanging virtual stories with your friends and family. Sharing stories allows us to strengthen the bonds we have with one another while also providing the opportunity for some much-needed entertainment and escapism. To maximize the fun, why not challenge yourselves by telling each other stories, either originals or ones you’ve read? In doing so, you may create memorable virtual moments that will last even beyond the pandemic.

Have Virtual Dinner Dates

One of the trendy activities nowadays is having virtual dinner dates. If you and your significant other want to spice up the night, try making a delicious meal together—but virtually! All you need to do is choose a recipe that appeals to both of you, create a shopping list, gather the ingredients, and then log onto your video call. 

Cooking a meal together (even if it’s from afar!) can be incredibly fun, so don’t hesitate to make choices that excite both parties. Plus, with all the extra time at home during these turbulent times, now may be the perfect opportunity to learn something new and explore different cuisines. As long as you have an internet connection, eating dinner together will no longer feel separate.

Play Online Trivia:

If you want to add some excitement to your next virtual gathering, playing online trivia is a great way to get everyone engaged. Not only is it a fun and interactive way to challenge each other and test your knowledge, but you can also create teams for a little friendly competition. Plus, if you find yourself stuck on any given question, simply hold a team discussion to figure out the answer together. Invite your friends online for an unforgettable trivia game night that will leave you with more knowledge and inside jokes than before.

Do Yoga Together

If you’re looking for a fun way to stay active with friends, consider doing yoga or some other form of exercise on a video call. Perusing the internet, you can find plenty of tutorials to suit any skill level and help everyone get a great workout from the safety and comfort of their home. Not only can this be a great way to motivate each other with healthy habits, but doing it in such an engaging manner can also spice up your digital social connection with good vibes and lots of laughs!

Play Online Games

Playing online games together, like Poster, is a great way to foster meaningful connections within relationships. Not only does it provide an outlet for some enjoyable competition, but it also offers up a unique chance to develop bonds with friends and family alike. Beyond the obvious entertainment factor, online games allow people to view the world from another person’s perspective for a while. It is an easy-to-enter communal activity and can be a stepping stone for deeper dialogue by discussing in-game events and story developments. 

Each person’s experiences will shape their game differently, leading to fascinating conversations illustrating how different social circles work and why specific environments foster better or worse outcomes.

With modern technology creating ever more immersive gaming experiences, playing online games together is becoming an increasingly exciting way to spend quality time with important people in our lives.

Host An Online Dance Party

Throwing an online dance party is a great way to have some fun with family and friends while staying safe at home. It’s easy to set up—just send out invites and get ready to boogie! Let everyone know to choose their favorite tunes or even opt for a karaoke version of their favorite songs, then fire up the video chat. The virtual dance floor will be alive with laughter and energetic moves as you take turns showing off your best steps! With an online dance party, you can stay connected in a fun and entertaining way.

Create Virtual Scavenger Hunts

Virtual scavenger hunts are an excellent way to engage with friends, family, and colleagues while practicing social distancing. They provide a unique opportunity to explore a setting, such as your home or a nearby park, while being led on a journey of clues and twists. The key is to set up the game so that only one person knows all the details of what is being sought after, and then let the other players work together or separately to find it. You can also try to play poker. This type of online simulation game encourages creative problem-solving skills, rewards investigative thinking, and keeps everyone involved for hours. So if you’re looking for a fun, entertaining way for your family or virtual team to socialize, try creating your virtual scavenger hunt today!

With some creativity and resourcefulness, you can still hang out with your friends online in meaningful ways during this difficult time. Have fun!