What Mover’s Won’t Move

So, you’re down to the packing stage and need to wrap up your large piano, scuba gear and even body sprays. Packing these items won’t be easy because shippers won’t move them. Now, you’re wondering why. The simple answer is that these items are dangerous, especially during a long-distance move.

Now, imagine you’ve picked up these items only to have movers tell you last minute they don’t transport them, meaning you’ll have to take them out: an annoying situation, no doubt. 

To avoid this dreadful situation, you need to know some of the most common moving company’s restricted items. 

So, what would mover’s not take? 

  1. Any hazardous and flammable item

The first thing shoppers will always look out for is if you pack any item that attracts fire and can explode. Why? Transporting flammable, corrosive or explosive items is illegal in the US. Items like this would cause more damage than bumps and hits. So, shippers try to avoid it. Plus, it would also mean breaking the law, which also carries severe consequences. Before packing your home for the transit, make sure to remove items like hair spray, deodorants, kerosene, gas, fireworks, pool chemicals, acids, motor oil, batteries, paint, lamp oil, nail polish, nail remover and even bleach. Your safety and that of the shippers will depend on your attention to these details. 

  1. Perishable foods

Most people believe that food isn’t as dangerous as flammable items. However, packing perishable foods together with your belongings can cause major damage than you would think. First, perishable food will attract rodents, which means your belongings will likely have tears from their bite. Secondly, when these foods get rotten, they smell and leave an unpleasant order that would stay on your belongings, especially if the rotten foods are close to your clothes. Rotten food will also grow mold and damage your metal utensils, and shippers don’t want this. If you’re planning a cross-country move, avoid wrapping perishable foods like tomatoes and pepper, frozen foods, onion and even vegetables. 

  1. Plants

If you’re wondering what movers won’t move, plants are one of them. The reason is that, like flammable items, it is, to an extent, illegal since you’ll be moving a specie to another region without permission from the government. Movers will only consider moving your plant if your new home doesn’t exceed 150 miles. If you have a special permit from the government, movers will also transport the plant. 

Another reason your shipper won’t take chances transporting your plant is that they will most likely die before getting to your new home due to high-temperature levels in the stuffy truck. Most transporters might be allergic to the plant you choose to transport, and they can’t afford to fall sick on the road. 

  1. Moving pets is not allowed either.

Like plants, some movers will be allergic to your cat or dog. Apart from these, pets aren’t just home furnishings; they are living things and will cause a nuisance in the truck, especially when they’re not familiar with your shippers. This is why your choice relocation company may not move them. The good news is that there are other ways to get your pet home. You could either use your car or consider air travel. There’s also the option of hiring professional local movers near me like Stark Moving and Storage Inc. since this company has the expertise needed in transporting your pet. 

  1. Documents

Most relocation companies don’t have any policy against transporting your valuable documents. However, some do because your documents are priceless, and unlike every other item they can reimburse you for when damaged, any harm that comes to your documents can’t be that easy to solve. Most documents have sentimental attachments, while others may be the key that holds all your life investments. Hence, when packing your home items, you want to consider keeping valuable documents like deeds, wills, stocks, bonds and even licenses with you. 

  1. Scuba Gear

Scuba gears are known to contain highly pressurized oxygen and different gas mixtures. This means they are flammable and can explode without warning. This danger associated with the diving equipment is why transporters won’t move them. It is best to find an alternate way to transport your scuba gear while avoiding a scuba tank explosion. If you’re planning to ship them yourself, make sure to empty the tank first. 

  1. Family Heirlooms

Apart from your documents, another valuable item your shipping company won’t take is irreplaceable items like family heirlooms. Why? If your family heirloom is made of glass, it will likely break. If it’s made of metal or plastic, it’ll like bend or carry noticeable scratches, and if it’s made with wood, it may break. 

You want to personally ship every family heirloom even though they are not monetarily expensive. 

  1. Nail polish and nail polish remover

If you love the look of nail polish on your nails, you’ll most likely have nail polish and nail remover at home. Make a rule never to pack them because shippers won’t move them. Why? These items are made with toxic chemicals which are extremely flammable. If your new home is over a thousand distance away from your current place, you should toss the nail polish and remover away. You could always replace them when you get to your place since they’re quite affordable. 

The Bottom Line

All relocation companies won’t have the same policy on items they ship and don’t ship. Before packing up your belongings for the move, contact your choice shippers to find out what they don’t take. This way, you’ll find it easy to organize your belongings and avoid the stressful process of unpacking your already wrapped box on relocation day.