Kerala’s capital city, Trivandrum, has experienced growth in every industry during the past several years. The city is rising both vertically and horizontally, making it a magnet for real estate investments. This growing emphasis on real estate is caused by a number of causes. Here are a few of the main causes:


As the state’s capital and the location of the government, Kerala has easy access to good roads and services like water and electricity. Along with locations for amusement, including top-notch malls, there are a number of elite educational institutions, multi-speciality hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.

Future developments

Trivandrum will soon have its own metro rail system, known as the “Light Metro,” which is anticipated to enhance both the quality of life for its residents and the city’s development. The future Vizhinjam port is also expected to accelerate the development and economy of the city. The real estate market will expand as a result of all these causes.


Technopark, the IT cluster in Trivandrum, is growing and is expected to soon surpass all others in size in the nation. Currently, Technopark is home to over 350 Indian and international businesses that employ over 60,000 individuals from all across India. As a result, there will be greater demand for housing to accommodate the expanding population.

Job Possibilities

The IT centre in Trivandrum is currently fueling job growth and accelerating expansion in other industries. This also includes a multiple-fold rise in the demand for real estate to invest in.


Trivandrum is quickly moving in the direction of being a cosmopolitan city with a society that is getting more and more diverse. With the influx of several multinational food chain stores, countless malls, and multiplexes, lifestyles are also changing. You can explore new flats for sale in Trivandrum and believe us it’s an excellent destination to invest in real estate because of all of this and more.


Trivandrum, which is perched on seven gently sloping green hills, is endowed with a wealth of scenic locations, including several alluring beaches. The city, which once served as the capital of the erstwhile Kingdom of Travancore, is also home to many stunning old structures and popular tourist destinations for both local and foreign visitors.

Why is it the right time to invest?

Real estate gives you more control over your money because you can use your property as a tangible asset to maximise several cash streams while also enjoying capital growth.

Real estate investments include a variety of tax advantages. It depends on the investors and how they make the most of their assets. Mortgage interest, rental revenue, operating costs, pricing, insurance, depreciation, property taxes, and a host of other expenses are all eligible for tax deductions. People that deal with real estate as their long-term company are significantly helped by these tax reductions.

With so many benefit plans available, purchasing a home rather than renting is a very appealing alternative for homebuyers at the moment. But it won’t be as appealing as prices climb. Positive signals are already being sent by the markets. So don’t hesitate any longer; buy the house of your dreams right now. Because this chance won’t be around for long.

All of Kerala’s towns and cities are similarly developed, yet Trivandrum continues to be rated as the greatest place to live out of the state’s five major cities. Since it is the state capital, the infrastructure is superior to that of other cities, and essential services like the delivery of water and power are reliable. Trivandrum features a legislative assembly, a robust public transportation system, over 100 km of UN-approved roads, and lush, open parks. The city does highly across the board in terms of liveability, making it the best in the nation. The most literate and developed state in India, as well as its capital,

Regarding settling, Trivandrum is home to numerous government establishments such as Technopark, Techno City, as well as a large number of employment opportunities, shopping centres, an international airport, the Vizhinjam port, and numerous alternative projects that attract a wide variety of people who later become permanent settlers. Techno Park and Techno City have transformed the area into a thriving centre of activity and attracted a large number of young settlers. There are also families who favour sending their kids to international schools and the best institutions in the city.

For individuals wishing to purchase an apartment in Trivandrum, there are numerous alternatives. Consider what you want from your home before you start looking at houses. Make a list of the facilities you must have and another list of the amenities you may compromise on. This enables you to establish your priorities clearly and reject products that would break your budget without sacrificing necessary features. Selection is simpler and more effective when you are clear on what you want. There is no shortage of information available in the city about homes or real estate. The locals are welcoming, and it’s straightforward to ask about, look at sample apartments to understand precisely what you’re getting, and even search for homes online. You can get all of your documentation, registration, and tax-related questions answered when you purchase an apartment because there are numerous government offices, most of which are the main ones.

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