paint sprayers

Paint sprayers are an art and not everybody is an artist. Some people know how to paint but they fail to use this art properly. Painting is used in different ways but most commonly it is used for decoration purposes.

Painting has also changed its shape but mainly it is using to add colors to your life. People are using paint to decorate their walls and to increase their interior beauty. It is also a protective barrier for the walls and protects them from environmental effects.

When it comes to painting walls, different painting guns, Air brush and sprayers are using. Painting sprayers, the best thing one can ask for, as they save a lot of time and can cover a maximum area in one go. Different sprayers companies bring you a lot of offers, so whenever you buy something from them you get extra benefits.

Titan being one of the most popular sprayer company is always very friendly towards its customers. It also provides titan repacking kits to its customers to add credibility to their services. And it is one of the reasons behind the success of titan that they give extra benefits to their buyers.  

How to use paint sprayers?

Paint sprayers are no doubt easy to use, but some people still make mistakes while using them. And buying the wrong sprayer gun is one of them. People who are a newbie or somebody who has just started painting with a paint sprayer, have no idea what kind of gun to choose.

The right selection of guns is always necessary because it can ruin both your time and money. If you have no previous knowledge of prayer guns, you can properly research it or can seek help from a professional. Understand the difference between spray guns and they use them according to their specificity and area of use.

Some people make blunders by using one spray gun at multiple places and still have the confidence to ruin other surfaces all well. One you are a professional, you need to understand the importance of spending money on the right sprayer gun.

The other issue that has been discussed along with the wrong use of paint sprayer is the selection of paint. Well, people do not highlight it much, but it has some drastic effects. If you are choosing the wrong type of paint, it means you are causing destruction not only to the sprayer gun but to the wall on which you are going to apply that paint.

What kind of paints should be using?

It is a big debate but for your ease, we can highlight the key points. When it comes to selecting paints for your paint sprayers you can trust the following types of paint

Water-based paints

Water-based paints are commonly using paints for paint sprayer guns. They are easy to apply and people use them with the help of paint rollers as well. But it is more preferable to use water-based paints with sprayer guns rather than rollers.

When you use rollers, they consume a lot of time. For faster and easy application sprayer guns are the best option. You do not get tired and the result is also satisfactory.

It is not difficult to use water-based paints, because they easily get absorbed and the colour quality they provide is also worthy of appraisal. They provide you expected results and you do not require a lot of experience in using water-based paint for prayer guns.

You can even learn it from YouTube videos, and with two or three tries you can get professional in it. Therefore, if you see a need for water-based paint on your wall, do not think twice and use them with them sprayer gun.


Primers are the type of paints, that add quality to your old objects. They are using to add finishing to your painting and are not easy to use. If you think a beginner will be able to use primer, then it is not possible. Only a perfectionist knows how to deal with primer.

Primers are not easy to use; they might cause problems when used with rollers. But if they are applying with the help of paint prayers, they make your work much more comfortable. Primers are make for sprayer guns, as their combination provides you a good quality color at the end.

Primer goes best with LVLP Paint sprayers are no doubt easy to use, but some people still make mistakes while using them. And buying the wrong sprayer gun, therefore it is the best thing to use them together to get a good quality of color on your walls and objects.

Latex about Paint sprayers

Latex is thick paint and is not easy to apply. If you think that you can use traditional methods to use latex for painting, then it is not going to work. You need a highly competent sprayer gun to use latex for painting.

Sprayer gun should also be of high quality and LVLP cannot go with latex. If your use a bigger sprayer gun, it will provide good quality color.