What Is the Timeline for Building a Custom Home?

While building a custom home creates almost unlimited possibilities for personalization and creating the home you need and want, it also comes with a longer timeline than purchasing a prebuilt home. It can become more costly to support the home you live in as well as paying for a custom-built one. When building a home, there are many steps involved that will create the timeline for your home, including the selecting of the location and purchasing the lot, choosing a builder, selecting finishes, and waiting for the build from foundation to framing, then finishes for both the outer of the home and the inside.

Selecting Location and Builder

There is no hard timeline for selecting the location and the builder for your home, as it is important to select the location that best suits your lifestyle within your budget and to determine which builder you want to hire for the project. You might want to hire an independent contractor that runs a small operation, or you may decide to full-send and hire a company like Cairns Quality Home builders to get the job done for you. This can take a few weeks or a year, depending upon the availability of each in the desired area.

When it comes to planning and building your ideal home, choosing custom builders sydney with the correct background and experience, as well as a faultless reputation for excellence, is a huge part of the job.

Designing and Selecting Appliances and Finishes

Working with a builder to design your custom home and selecting the appliances and finishes is the next time frame that needs to be considered. If you have begun choosing items you want and know how many rooms and a rough layout, this will be completed faster than if you are beginning with no prior choices. It can take a month or even a year to complete the planning phase, though it can be begun during the search for the correct location, and any ideas you do have can be discussed with builders as a way to find the right builder. By working one each of these decisions at the same time the overall timeline for building your custom home can be shortened.

Foundation and Framing

Digging the foundation and having it poured can take a few weeks, though it can start when you have chosen the layout and the basic materials. Choosing finishes, appliances, and colours for paint can be considered and planned during this phase as needed, allowing the home to be built faster than by doing one step at a time, though it may be more stressful. For an average home, the frame can be completed in a few weeks, and the shell of your home can be completed in a month or two. Then it moves to drywall and finishes the inside of the home, as the roof is completed during framing and creating the house’s shell.

Finishing the Home

Finishing the inside of the home completely can take a few months. It requires detailed work and flooring as well as walls, doors, and windows. Creating the spaces exactly as designed requires attention to detail, and there will be weeks spent doing the plumbing and electrical throughout the house. Then comes the appliance installation and the final painting. Within a few months, each task can be completed and your home ready for it’s last inspection.