Are you currently planning on transferring to your parent company in the United States of America? If yes, that is possible. But it can only be legally feasible under an L1 visa. Don’t worry; we got you. Here at Ashoori Law, we can provide the step-by-step process on how you can attain your L1 access.

Plus, it is necessary to know what should be done in the process to make sure that you will not beat around the bush in finishing the application. In addition, understanding the process can save you time and money at the same time. Thus, a hassle-free experience.

Join us as we unravel the not-so-secret process of getting an L1 visa.

L1 visa types

First, let us talk about the kinds of L1 visas to know which of them suits your current standing.

L1A Visa

This is granted to Managers and Executives of a company. To be considered a manager or an executive, you must hold a position wherein you have the authority to fire and hire employees. Also, you must be in charge of a whole sector or division of the company. In addition, you must be the one controlling supervisors and lower-level employees.

L1B Visa

Now, this is given to specialized skilled workers like Chefs or Accountants. To qualify as a skilled worker, you need to possess a specific skill related to your field of profession in the company that is hard to pass on within a short period.

We all know that some employees are good at what they do. And that is something worth sharing with the parent company or the other subsidiaries to make sure that they can imitate this particular employee at some point at that branch.

Application Process for L1 visa

Here is the step-by-step procedure for applying for an L1 visa.

·         Get an Offer

This offer should be coming from your parent company or the subsidiary or branch. You must include in the proposal that your service is necessary for that particular area. From here, you can already start processing your application.

· Filing of Form I-129

There are two types of filing this form. Forst is the individual petitions wherein your employer will point to the US for your transfer. The moment the USCIS approves your employer’s petition, you can start your application.

The other type is the L1 Blanket Petitions. Now this works for large companies. It is to allow them to process transferring several employees at the same time. But before they can perform this, they must fulfill the following requirements:

o The line of business of the company should be a commercial trader service business

o The company should have a US office for 1 to three years

o The company and affiliates should have processed 10 L1 approvals for the last 12 months.

o The combined annual sales of the company foreign or affiliates should total at least $25 million and have at least one thousand employees.

·         File for another form: DS-160

It is easy to obtain this form. Just search it online, then fill out all the needed information. It will also need other documents like your intent in going to the United States of America, your purpose in going there, and any other documents that your immigration lawyer thinks will help process your application.

· Pay for the L1 visa application fee

The fee is $190, but it can have other expenses, depending on your country or other documents needed. Make sure to keep your receipts, as this will be attached to your documents.

· You must be able to schedule your interview

Securing a day for your interview is quite challenging as there are a lot of applicants. So make sure to prioritize this in all your schedules. The moment you secure a spot, you will receive an appointment letter for your interview.

· Submission of documents

Here are the records needed:

o Valid passport

o Photograph that meets the requirements

o DS-160 confirmation page and code.

o L1 visa payment receipt

o, L1 visa interview appointment letter.

o For individual petitions:

  •   Form I-129 and one copy.
  • Form I-797.

o For blanket petitions:

  • Form I-129S and two copies.
  • Three copies of Form I-797.
  • Letter from an employer that confirms your transferring. Also, they will be asking for the description of your job.
  • Proof that you have performed work with the employer for at least one year in the past thirty-six months.
  • Letters from your preceding employers and the contact information of your superintendents.
  • Contact information from 2 colleagues in your previous job and the current one. 
  •  Photo of the inside and outside premises of your place of work.
  •  CV or resume

· Attending and appearing to your interview

This will determine if you will pass or not. Plus, they will verify the authenticity of the documents that you have given. If they see you fit to have the L1 visa, they will approve and get your passport stamped.


Now that you know the step-by-step process and the documents associated with it, it will be easy for you to nail this. We hope that this has helped you a lot in ensuring that your visa gets approved.