What is the difference between acrylic dip glitter powder and nail polish?

The difference between acrylic dip glitter powder and nail polish


Galglitter Acrylic dip glitter powder ingredients: the main ingredients are 70%-80% of the volatilesolvent, about 15% of nitrocellulose, a small amount of oil solvent, camphor, and titaniumdioxide. Powder and oil-soluble pigments. (The organic solvents contained are generally toxic, such as benzene, toluene, and xylene). 

Nail polish composition: The main component is a natural resin and some color materials. This material will be cured under ultraviolet light. Rather than being volatile, it will forma plastic-likefilm. 


Acrylic dip glitter powder: acrylic dip glitter powder contains solvents that evaporate to formacolored film, which is attached to the nail and can present color. 

The role of nail polish: nail polish will be cured by UV light, not evaporated. It will formaplastic-like film. 


Characteristics of acrylic dip glitter powder: No need to shine the light, so acrylic dip glitter powder is usually put in a transparent bottle, and it can be sealed when preserved. 

Nail polish features: gloss, abrasion resistance, and firmness are better than acrylic dip glitter powder. The most important thing is that it almost does not evaporate gas, is basically odorless, needs light, and the time only takes a couple of minutes. You can make more different nail art styles. However, nail polish should be kept in an opaque bottle and protected fromlight.

Advantages of nail polish 

1. No smell, the main ingredient is a natural resin and some color material, so basically no smell, no harm to the human body. 

2. Longer maintenance time, nail polish needs to be hardened under UV light for each layer before the next layer can be applied, so the hardness and gloss are much better than the ordinary Acrylic dip glitter powder. Keeping time is more durable. The longest can keep 28 days, andacrylic dip glitter powder can only keep about seven days. 

3. apply more evenly, nail polish gel consistency and fluidity suitable for nail art. The brush will bemuch more even than acrylic dip glitter powder. 

4. dry quickly; general acrylic dip glitter powder takes about ten minutes to dry, but the nail polish light only takes a minute to dry, saving a lot of time.

5. easy to operate, but acrylic dip glitter powder operation is not as complicated as nail polish, and direct application can be; while nail polish needs to be coated with primer, light, sealer, and other more complex operations. 

6. easy to remove, nail removal, acrylic dip glitter powder can be easily removed with nail polish remover, while nail polish is recommended to go to a nail salon by a professional nail technician to remove; otherwise, it may cause greater damage to the nail. 

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