Tennis is a popular sport that requires an investment in equipment. A new tennis racket can cost anywhere from $30 to over $200 for the more expensive models. The price of a tennis racquet will depend on factors such as brand, weight, and string type.

There are different types of racquets for beginners, intermediate players, and advanced players. Here are some popular brands of tennis rackets and their prices:

1. HEAD – $200+

Head is a tennis racket manufacturer that has been in business since the beginning of the sport. Many professional players use Head rackets such as Andy Roddick and Ana Ivanovic, who endorse their Speed line of products. HEAD also makes rackets for juniors such as The Liquidmetal 8 Junior Tennis Racquet.

2. YONEX – $100-200+

Yonex is another popular choice for tennis racquets due to its many brands and styles available. Yonex’s VCore line offers great durability at a great price making them one of the most affordable options on this list. This brand has had numerous successful endorsers such as Maria Sharapova who uses their Nanoray series.

3. BABOLAT – $60-200+

Babolat is a French company that produces quality tennis rackets for all levels of players. Their Aeropro Drive racquet was endorsed by Rafael Nadal and is one of the most popular models. Babolat offers a wide variety of prices and styles so there is sure to be something for everyone.

4. WILSON – $30-200+

Wilson is another large manufacturer of tennis rackets and offers a wide range of prices and styles as well. Wilson has an endorsement deal with Roger Federer and produces some of the most popular beginner racquets such as the Ultra 100L.

6. PRINCE – $30-175

Prince is another long-standing company in the tennis racket market. They have deals with both Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf and are known for their lightweight rackets. Prince offers a variety of models and prices to choose from.

7. DONIC – $30-120

Donic is a German company that makes table tennis racquets as well as tennis rackets. They have a wide range of models and prices to choose from.

8. DUNLOP – $30-100+

Dunlop is another large tennis racket company that has been in business for decades. Their rackets are known to be very lightweight and durable. Dunlop offers several models of top-quality tennis rackets.

9. RABELER – $30-70+

Rabeler is a German tennis equipment company made up of former professional players, engineers, and technicians which makes them one of the best racquet brands for beginners. They offer great prices along with excellent quality. One example is their junior racquet, The Junior Competition Tennis Racket. Rabeler also has deals with many successful pro players such as Ana Ivanovic who uses their Y-Tec Pro 172 racquet.

10. HEAD YOUTH – $30-60+

Head makes a variety of tennis rackets for all types of players including youth tennis racquets. Head has deals with many professional players such as Milos Raonic who uses their Pro Staff 90 BLX racket. They also make top-quality junior equipment including the Liquidmetal 8 Junior Tennis Racquet mentioned earlier in this article.

The cost of a tennis racket can vary depending on the brand, weight, and string type. So depending on your level at the game of tennis, get your tennis racquet and head to the court, and have fun!