What Is The Cost And Success Rate Of PR Hair Treatment In India?

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy – also known as PRP or PR Hair Treatment – is rapidly gaining popularity in India. Many people fighting baldness and hair loss are going for this procedure. If you are also thinking about getting it, here are some things to know about PR hair treatment so keep reading this article till the end and at last we will discuss PRP hair treatment cost in India.

  • Accessibility: You can decide on PRP treatment at hair clinics
  • Pain: It is a negligibly obtrusive method and is pain-free
  • Risk Factors: The PRP system is safe with no aftereffects like – hypersensitivity, chronic disease, and so forth
  • Treatment Duration: Trichologists suggest 6-8 treatments at a period of the month each. Every meeting lasts from an hour to 90 minutes
  • Ideal Candidate: Anyone experiencing baldness or androgenetic alopecia can choose PRP. Your trichologist might suggest it after finishing an intensive conclusion by recording your clinical history. The base age for this treatment is 18 years
  • Tests and Medication: A blood test is fundamental, and your dermatologist may recommend an auxiliary prescription
  • Results: The outcomes are apparent following three months of going through the first meeting

PRP Hair Treatment Procedure

The PRP hair treatment has four-step and is a simple process –

  1. Collection Of Blood Sample: As the initial step of the PRP going bald treatment process, your primary care physician will take a 20 ml blood test.
  2. Separation Of Platelets: Dermatologists utilize the rotator method for the separation of platelets from the blood. The twofold twist technique guarantees the ideal grouping of platelets that are rich in development factors.
  3. Extraction and Activation Of PRP From The Blood: Specialists separate Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) from the excess layers of Platelet Poor Plasma (PPP) and red platelets in the cylinder. Before infusing the PRP into the patient’s scalp – trichologists determine the development factors in the plasma using an activation specialist.
  4. Addition Of PRP Into Affected Area With Injections: In the last step, dermatologists infuse the PRP extricated from the blood securely into the influenced region on the scalp using microneedles. Before embedding the platelet-rich plasma, your dermatologist will regulate nearby sedation into the scalp area so that you don’t feel any aggravation. 

Since you now have thoroughly understood the PRP treatment process, it’s an ideal opportunity to find the answer to the expense in question.

PR Hair Treatment Cost In India

The average price of getting a PR or PRP hair treatment in India can vary from Rs.4,500 to Rs.15,000 per meeting. The cost of treatment relies upon a few elements, including the following:

  • Experience of the dermatologist or reputation of the centre
  • Nature of equipment utilized for the method
  • The number of meetings required.
HyderabadRs. 5000Rs. 12,000
BangaloreRs. 5300Rs. 13,500
ChennaiRs. 4800Rs. 12,500
PuneRs. 5000Rs. 14,000
KolkataRs. 5250Rs. 13,000
KochiRs. 5000Rs. 12,000
VizagRs. 4700Rs. 11,500
MumbaiRs. 4,500Rs. 14,000
DelhiRs. 4000Rs. 15,000

The prices mentioned above are based on the prices prevailing in different reputed PRP hair treatment centres across major cities in India.

PRP Hair Treatment Success Rate and Reviews

Various research has demonstrated that PRP treatment is one of the best strategies to treat baldness and reduced hairline. It will build the term of the development period of hair, lessen hair fall, and converse diminishing to a degree which at last aids in further developing the scalp inclusion by supporting hair regrowth. After the meetings, you will see a decrease in hair fall. The results of PR Therapy are noticeable as after the third treatment – you will start seeing apparent hair regrowth.

Depending upon the speed of baldness and level of diminishing hair, your dermatologist will choose the number of PRP meetings of PRP you require; and support meetings.

What Are The Before And After Results?

If you google before and after pictures of the Pr Treatment, the aftereffects of this hair development rebuilding treatment – as you will see – is very impressive. PRP helps turn around the beginning phases of thinning up top. However, results might differ from one person to another.

Who Should Not Go For PRP Treatment?

PRP hair treatment method isn’t appropriate for the following individuals –

  • Drug addicts and chain smokers
  • People with medical complications – for example, platelet dysfunction syndrome, thrombocytopenias, hypofibrinogenaemia, hemodynamic instability, sepsis, acute infections, chronic liver infection
  • It is also not advised to those who are going through coagulation therapy and those on blood thinners

PRP is the most secure non-careful technique for treating intense hair diminishing and switching thinning up top. Assuming you are seeing a subsiding hairline and expanding balding, meet an accomplished trichologist today and see whether PRP treatment is reasonable for you.