What is Salesforce Volunteer Management? 5 Best Practices to Build an Effective Management Process

Volunteer management is a critical requirement for all nonprofits. Organizations must take the most efficient steps to ensure a smooth flow of all operations, from volunteer onboarding to hosting events. With effective volunteer management, organizations can ensure high-quality performance among all volunteers as only the most suitable people are taken on board. By providing all volunteers the skill set to perform the needed duties, volunteer management allows nonprofits to build their success and achieve targets on time.

What is Salesforce Volunteer Management?

The Salesforce volunteer management software provides nonprofits with the tools and supports they need to ensure successful onboarding. It also enables organizations to find a structure within their operations to facilitate high-quality results and performances. Here are a few features that the Salesforce volunteer software offers:

  1. Simplifying volunteer recruitment.
  2. Curating healthy volunteer experiences.
  3. Organizing and accessing performance reports.
  4. Structure management for volunteer activities.
  5. Build high-quality and impactful activity results.

However, before nonprofits take up different volunteer activities, they must recruit people who will provide efficient results and work towards the nonprofit’s goals. To make this happen, organizations must ensure a structured and efficient recruitment process to onboard the best volunteer to join them. Here’s a look at a few practical strategies to help volunteer onboarding and approval for all nonprofit requirements.

5 Helpful Strategies for Nonprofits for Volunteer Onboarding

  1. Define Exact Requirements 

Before starting the recruitment process, organizations must clearly understand what they need volunteers to do. Defining the job roles, required skill sets, experience levels, and other necessary details will help simplify the process, as the organization can only target those who meet these requirements.

  1. Promoting the Volunteer Vacancies 

How a nonprofit chooses to advertise its program plays a significant role in determining the volunteers on board. Promoting the results of previous programs, any awards, organization values, and more will show the public the efficiency of the nonprofit and attract volunteers who are serious about the work and hold similar goals. 

  1. Show Flexible Options 

Since volunteers choose to join the organization by taking time away from their routine, organizations must provide flexibility for their duties. Showing how the nonprofit is willing to adjust to volunteer needs is an excellent way to attract efficient volunteers and invite them to join the organization. 

  1. Automate the Registration Process 

Automating the registration steps for interested volunteers is an efficient way to improve volunteer onboarding and approval. It allows organizations to simplify their steps by incorporating technology and shows volunteers that they won’t face any hurdles when joining the nonprofit. Organizations can integrate the volunteers for Salesforce program to ease the registration process for instant applicant screening.

  1. Offer Volunteer Incentives 

Showing volunteers that they will be appreciated for their efforts with incentives is an excellent way to attract high-performing people to join the organization. It also gives the organization a trustworthy image, and the public can see that they care about volunteer efforts, thus encouraging more people to join volunteer programs in the future. 


Volunteer onboarding is crucial as it helps nonprofits narrow down the best people to join their volunteer events. It helps them identify people who meet their needs, provide quality results, and will help the nonprofit meet its goals on time. Through volunteer onboarding, they can invite people who also have similar interests to the organization, which means that they will be more likely to put in their best efforts. Hence, it becomes necessary for nonprofits to have an onboarding process that will allow them to recruit new volunteers conveniently. And with the Salesforce volunteer management tool, they can organize their steps and ensure they can meet their onboarding targets efficiently.